Military boot camp

An often daunting exercise option, boot camp is a good way of aiding weight loss, while also improving your fitness levels

An often daunting exercise option due to the high intensity of the course, boot camp involves military style fitness training, which takes place in a series of individual, weekend or week-long sessions on an outdoor course. Military fitness boot camp is a great way to improve stamina and help participants meet like-minded individuals.

Who should take up boot camp?
Boot camp is well suited to those who prefer group activities as it encourages group participation, which helps with the motivational aspect of completing the course. Some of the boot camp challenges also require teams or pairs to join together – this is often a great way of spurring on a friend or loved one.

What are the benefits?
Being trained by ex-military training instructors can maximise your potential of shedding the excess pounds. The training can be varied and fun, and usually includes circuit challenges and obstacle courses.

How much does it cost?
Several camps offer group discounts while some state that the earlier you book the more money you’ll save. Boot camps can last between four to seven days while costs usually vary between £100-350 on average. For more information visit:;

By James Massoud

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