Men moan more when ill

The survey, carried out by The Engage Mutual, showed that men often exaggerate their symptoms of illness – a cold becomes the flu and a headache turns into a full-blown migraine

57 per cent of their female partners, who took part in the survey, have admitted that men become more attention seeking whilst they are ill and 65 per cent added that their partners will constantly moan and grown whilst they are unwell.

However, the survey also revealed that 76 per cent of men, whilst being the biggest moaners, would still choose to struggle at work rather than taking a sick day off.

Karl Elliott, at The Engage Mutual, said: ‘men often get a bad press concerning their tendencies towards ‘man flu’, but our findings have confirmed that men are more likely to exaggerate their symptoms.’

The results from the survey also showed that 34 per cent of women, whilst knowing that their men are over exaggerating, will still serve up the sympathy with 46 per cent of women choosing to run their man a bath and 27 per cent providing them with breakfast in bed.

On the other hand, men will be happy to hear that the survey revealed that they came out on top when it comes to looking after their sick female partners. Results showed that 29 per cent of men had taken a day off work to look after their other half and 33 per cent admitted to buying their partner flowers, DVDs or a magazine to cheer them up.

By Lauren King

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