Martin Roberts to Reveal All for The Real Full Monty

Celebrity Angels’ Property & Home celebrity guest editor has revealed the secret he’s been guarding for months – he’s taking part in The Real Full Monty show to raise awareness of cancer, particularly male cancers such as prostate and testicular.

The Homes Under the Hammer star says that he’s doing the bare-all show in in memory of his friend Dave, who died of bowel cancer.

Martin, 58, has been teasing his Twitter followers for weeks with hints about his new project, which he says has left him ‘battered and bruised’ after hard days of filming.

Speaking to his followers, he said: “Well the time has come, I apologise for the month of teasing, but I can finally reveal that I am taking part in The Real Full Monty.

“Yep. I am getting my kit off for cancer.

“It is all for an amazing cause, okay, it’s to bring more awareness to particularly guys’ cancers such as prostate cancer, bowel cancer, testicular cancer, and for girls, breast cancer and cervical cancer.

“If by doing this we get more people to go to the doctor early at the first sign of symptoms, this is probably the most important show I have ever done.”

Martin said he was doing the show in memory of his best friend, Dave, who died of bowel cancer four and a half years ago.

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He continued: “In just over a week I’ll be going to Blackpool and taking my kit off in front of 3,000 people. And I’m not particularly body confident so this is a massive thing to me but we’ve got an amazing group of people who are all doing it together.

“Wish me luck… if it gets you to the doctor at the first sign of any issues then it’s all worthwhile.”

He then asked “Really? Really?” while clutching a pair of leopard-print underpants.

The Real Full Monty returns to TV this Christmas with a new line-up of brave celebrities, ready to take on the strip routine made famous in 1997 movie The Full Monty.

The 2021 celebrities involved will include model Christine McGuinness, professional dancers and husband and wife James and Ola Jordan, and Blue singer Duncan James.

Two dance routines will be choreographed by Diversity star Ashley Banjo. Free tickets to the recording on November 16th are available for over-18s from SRO Audiences.

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