Manuka honey could treat infections

Manuka honey could be used to treat patients who suffer from infections that are resistant to antibiotics, scientists have revealed

Experiments have shown that honey is able to break down the barriers that bacteria uses against antibiotics, making it useful for treating infections such as MRSA

It is created in New Zealand by bees foraging on manuka trees.

Scientists have always known about the benefits of Manuka Honey. A filtered version of honey is already being used in other parts of the world for medical treatment.

However more understanding is still needed about its ability to fight bacteria.

Professor Cooper said, ‘What we need to do now is to look at more combinations with antibiotics and so some clinical work with patients.’

Professor Cooper also warned that people should not attempt to use honey as a treatment at home as scientists are using a medical grade of honey, not the stuff that you buy at the supermarket.

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