Making the Most Out of Your Kitchen Space

InksinkErator guides us on how to make the most out of your kitchen space

Compact spaces

Statement ‘hero’ appliances and accessories will continue to be a focus for many. The consumer is frequently choosing striking pieces to coordinate with the clean lines of modern kitchen designs. In addition, space-saving and genuinely practical solutions are also becoming essential in today’s living, as the kitchen and living space is on the decrease. This is especially true in new builds, where every day appliances must fit into a tight space.

The consumer can gain maximum functionality in the kitchen by de-cluttering and sourcing the right appliance to meet their kitchen space needs. A food waste disposer is a perfect addition to town and apartment dwellings, as it eliminates food waste and the unpleasant food odours emitting from, the often numerous, kitchen bins. What’s more, the overall hygiene and the finished appearance of your kitchen space is improved.

With the developments in technology, and time-saving innovations becoming more affordable, the busy consumer is investing in appliances that make their lives easier. An increasing number of people are finding that a steaming hot water tap is an invaluable and convenient addition to their kitchen, making everyday tasks much quicker and more economical.

Whether the busy consumer is making a simple cup of tea, blanching vegetables or rinsing rice, a steaming hot water tap can save both time and money. What’s more, valuable worktop space can be saved by ditching the kettle and installing a steaming hot water tap.

A steaming hot water tap does require space under the sink in order to mount the tank, along with a small filtration unit. However, the 2.5 litre InSinkErator® NeoTank is the most compact hot water tank available on the market.

Creating and maximising space in a small kitchen space can be achieved with some careful planning, and clever design solutions. Practical and efficient by design, the range of InSinkErator® food waste disposers and steaming hot water taps offer an elegant statement for those designing their dream kitchen space. Meeting the demand for consumers who are also wishing to upgrade their current kitchen, rather than undergo a complete renovation, steaming hot water taps and food waste disposers from InSinkErator® can be just as easily retrofitted into an existing sink, as incorporated into a brand new kitchen design.

Open-plan living

Open-plan living has brought the kitchen into the living room and manufacturers are responding to consumers’ evolving needs by introducing sleeker designs that aim to achieve continuity throughout the whole kitchen space. As a result, consumers are looking for appliances that will either blend unobtrusively into the kitchen design, or act as a stylish focal point to catch the eye.


Being one of the most sociable areas of the home, the kitchen is increasingly incorporated into the design of a property’s living area, and regardless of the kitchen style or design, a food waste disposer eliminates any unwelcome interruptions from stale and gone-off food odours.


With the growing trend towards more minimalist open-plan kitchens, the desire to keep worktops clutter-free is becoming a necessity and a kettle, or water filter jug, is now more often regarded as just another item taking up space in the kitchen. The InSinkErator® 3N1 steaming hot water tap is perfect for adding an affordable three-in-one tap to the kitchen, creating a stylish focal point in the room, with a number of different finishes to complement the consumers’ favoured décor and style.


Kitchen trends

Simplicity, minimalism and clutter-free work preparation areas are currently the most popular trends in kitchen design. Consumers are also increasingly demanding exceptional quality, individual style and cutting-edge technical advances. Appliances that offer both convenience and flexibility, coupled with the greatest resource savings, are also likely to continue to be among the hottest trends.

Steaming hot water taps and food waste disposers are continuing to grow in popularity as consumers are increasingly looking for products that are long-lasting, will make life easier and add style to their home

Metallic finishes in the home have become increasingly in-demand over the last few years, with gold taps making a debut. InSinkErator® has embraced this trend and taken it into the kitchen, with the introduction of the Rose Gold J Shape 3N1 steaming hot water tap and Brushed Gold L Shape 3N1 steaming hot water tap.

One thing for sure is that the future will be about sustainability. Appliances that offer energy-saving features and reduce the impact on the environment will be at the top of the consumer wish-list. Consumers are demanding that appliances conform to the highest standards. Manufacturers are responding by developing new technologies and innovations to satisfy the needs of the environmentally conscious consumer.


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