Make your garden greener

Making your garden an eco-friendly paradise doesn’t have to be difficult

Already a big trend indoors, many people have already gone green by recycling, insulating the loft, using solar power and switching of unused electrical appliances. This trend is also expected to continue well into 2012.

However, it doesn’t have to stop there, going green outside is just as simple.

Here are B&Q’s top tips:

• Grow your own fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs. Green beans are particularly easy to sow and don’t require too much attention. Tomatoes are also fun to grow, especially if you have children.

• Use water more efficiently: Install a waterbutt and don’t forget to also plug your hosepipe into it. Use mulches to reduce evaporation and think about using more drought-resistant plants.

• Think about your soil: Plant with peat-free compost or make your own with kitchen and garden waste.

• Encourage wildlife: Plant nectar-rich plants for bees, butterflies, ladybirds and hoverflies. Encourage birds with bird tables, seed and nesting boxes and use natural pest-control and companion planting.

• Be forest friendly: When purchasing wooden garden furniture be sure to know where the timber has come from. Every wooden product within B&Q is responsibly sourced – our Forest Friendly promise.

By Lauren King

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