Made for Living – the Appeal of Artificial Grass

What are the advantages of artificial grass? We asked the experts at Namgrass to explain the attractions of this time-saving garden product

We’d all love an immaculately manicured lawn. But unless you’ve got a full-time gardener, it’s not going to happen – and if you have kids or pets, forget it. Fear not, with Namgrass your lawn is always perfect, no matter what the kids, pets or weather have been up to.

What are the advantages of artificial grass?

Namgrass supplies the softest and most realistic looking artificial grass in the UK. Whether you are a dab hand at DIY or would like their professional installation partners to take care of it, they’ve got it covered.

• No Mud
• No Watering
• No Mowing
• Suitable for Pets
• Safe for children
• Namgrass offer a 10-year warranty
• Low Maintenance
• Natural Look and Feel

How is Namgrass made?

Namgrass is made in their very own dedicated factory in in Ghent, Belgium. Artificial Grass Yarns are put through a tufting machine where hundreds of needles stitch the grass together. The artificial grass is then rolled out and coated with latex on its underside. The artificial grass is fed through an oven which cures the latex and finally, the artificial turf is rolled and packaged.

How is it installed?

Designed, developed and manufactured, Namgrass have been supplying their customers with the highest quality artificial grass for over 30 years. They have a nationwide network of experienced installation teams who can offer a free site survey to discuss your project.

Those wanting to install their own turf are encouraged to visit Namgrass’ website – – to follow their step by step guide.

What different types are available?

For the best quality and appearance, the Namgrass range offers the high-level materials and quality throughout. In an elegant range of styles and colours you can create a beautiful artificial law. Whichever lawn you choose, all of their products come with a full 10-year warranty.

How is it maintained?

Due to its low maintenance requirements, ease of installation and reduced costs, artificial grass is becoming a common sight in many lawns and gardens around the UK. Modern artificial grass has come a long way and is now virtually impossible to tell whether a patch is artificial or not, as most types look incredibly realistic. While fake grass requires little attention, there is some after care involved.

Be sure to:

• Keep it clean
• Take care of the animals’ ‘business’
• Ensure even wear on heavy traffic areas
• Rotate heavy equipment placed on turf

How long does it last?

The product is covered by a 10-year warranty which includes a UV stability guarantee (no fading), therefore we expect the product to last a minimum of 10 years.

Is it safe for children and pets?

‘Natural’ grass is only natural if it contains no chemicals or pesticides – which is rare. These toxic products can be harmful to children, which is why we recommend artificial turf that is safe for toddlers and children, because it consists of non-toxic materials that do not require dangerous chemicals for maintenance.

Is artificial grass friendly to wildlife?

Namgrass’ artificial grass is pet and animal friendly and nontoxic to wildlife.

How do I find out more and find a local installer?

Namgrass have a nationwide network of experienced installation teams who can offer you a free site survey and discuss your project.

Visit or call 01425 627832 to find out more and request samples.

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