Love is in the Air

Wedding planning season is in full swing and brides and grooms-to-be are plotting to delight their guests.

While dance routines and silly games are the flourishes of the moment, you can never go wrong with a classic, like delighting your guests with champagne throughout your big day.

When your guests arrive at the reception, have trays of champagne available ready to be served. It sets up the celebration and will make your guests feel welcome. It also makes it easier to get everyone a drink as soon as possible.

The lull, waiting for the couple to have their photographs, is the perfect time to provide extra entertainment, by getting your venue to sabrage the bottles of champagne. There is something quite special watching someone slide a sabre down the seam of a well chilled champagne bottle, and fire the top of the bottle off.

Champagne perfectly pairs with so many foods. It balances fish, meat, spicy, and even more greasy finger food. But is your crowd partial to a Brut or Rosé champagne? Rosé is a wonderfully intense pink that might be a perfect match with your colours. It has the same amount of sugar as regular champagne. Brut comes off a bit fruitier, if you know your guests would prefer sweeter champagne.

You could choose to continue to serve bubbles with the meal, or pair your courses with other wines. The important time to make sure everyone has something special in their glass is for the toasts.

Champagne PIAFF Blanc de Blancs is a chardonnay only champagne that really is the finest option to thank everyone for their support and to toast the special people in the room.

With Champagne PIAFF on your special day, you will understand why we say Feel the Passion.

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