Loft Storage Solutions at a Sensible Cost

Does the idea of parting with over £50,000 on average to turn your loft into a usable storage space leave you willing to put up with boxes of summer clothes blocking the doorways of your spare rooms?

Wardrobes crammed full of dusty gym equipment, and kids’ toys from five years ago bursting at the seams is a common frustration among many.

As we head into winter months, the cost of living and mortgage rates are affecting most households in the UK, forcing us to think of innovative ways to get the most bang for our buck. Our expectations around home improvements are having to be reined in, but the daily headaches and annoyances around the home remain.

For most, the idea of increasing storage space within the home is a pricey pipe-dream in the form of a loft or garage conversion, bitterly accompanied by time-consuming building regulation applications, costly materials, and labour fees, as well as those less-considered costs such as for a bat survey.

However, the months on end of a cold and dusty home during a conversion project would soon be outweighed by being able to utilise existing space in your home freely. However, some weeks down the line, a lighter bank balance later, and paired with the fact you’re primarily using the space for storage, may have you questioning ‘was it all worth it’?

Loft Boarding

A popular alternative that boasts its own host of benefits, this fast-becoming go-to solution is a no-brainer for homeowners and landlords wanting to stow away seasonal items, including summer wardrobes, suitcases, and yes, we’re going to go there – Christmas trees and those seemingly never-ending boxes of decorations!

Loft boarding gets a big green ‘tick’ from us, not only because on average it takes just one day to install, and not only because it creates up to 100% more storage space in the home, but for a small fraction of the cost of an entire loft conversion, the home becomes a fully usable home again. Not forgetting the fact that loft boarding is economically more sustainable as it takes advantage of existing structures and underutilised space, diminishing the need for new foundations or supporting structures to be built, subsequently paying homage to a green conscience.

Now, there’s no need to hold your breath for too long when waiting for a bespoke quote, because you can expect to be delivered the soft blow on the same day as having a survey that assesses exactly what options would be suitable for you and your household’s needs. Installed for around £1,700 on average, according to Instaloft LTD, freeing up space with loft boarding (including an easy-access ladder and hatch) becomes much more palatable and feasible, with finance options available to explore.


There isn’t just one set list of factors affecting the amount of storage space in your home to consider, and that’s why it’s strongly recommended that you seek out a reputable loft-boarding installation company to advise you. Generally speaking, the age of the home, insulation requirements, and the overall structure of the loft can impact what square footage of space and access can be created. It’s important to receive credible expert advice on how the hatch opening could be enlarged or even relocated to better accommodate access to the loft.

Out with the old, in with the new. Well, not quite! Fortunately, regardless of whether you’re the owner of an older home or a new build, most loft spaces can be adopted and put to good use. Considerations around roof type, structural components, and land that the home is built on all need to be explored, again leaning toward the need to speak with a professional loft boarding installer.

And It doesn’t stop with storage. We’re excited to learn about the lesser-known benefits of modern raised loft-boarding systems that are making their way out of the woodwork:

• Improved energy efficiency. Professionally installed raised loft boarding allows for the current increased recommended depth of loft insulation, and can help to reduce heat from escaping through the roof and loft of your home.

• Maintains adequate airflow over the insulation and around the loft which can help to reduce the dampness that is often associated with traditional loft boarding.

• Insulation protection, a specifically designed raised loft boarding system can help to eliminate the compression of insulation which can dramatically reduce effectiveness.

• Stress-free installation and long-term peace of mind. Leaving it all to professional and experienced installers will keep disruption in the home to a minimum, as well as give you a product lifetime guarantee.

• Protect you and your family. Instaloft LTD offers a free asbestos survey for properties constructed prior to 2000, as part of their loft boarding surveying process. This leading approach complies with their legal obligation to protect customers and staff under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

About Instaloft LTD

Instaloft LTD has grown to become the largest loft storage installer in the UK, with an annual turnaround of over £20m revenue, and installing over 10,000 lofts a year. It now has close to 200 employees across 11 depots around the UK.

Instaloft LTD only employs the most trained and talented fitters, ensuring every job is completed to the highest standard, providing customers with efficient, expert service. With each of their products and installations, you can ensure that the work completed is fully covered and insured on your home.
Tel. 0800 046 3955

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