Staying Connected in a Retirement Community

Living in a retirement community is an increasingly popular lifestyle for later years – but what’s involved, and is it right for you? We asked the experts from Retirement Villages.

How should I plan my finances for retirement?

People are living longer as healthcare advances, and that’s a great thing as it offers more time to enjoy what life has to offer. But the other side of this is that it’s vital we prepare for that, and plan finances out accordingly.

Once you’re in retirement there are various options for freeing up some equity, including downsizing your home to something more suitable now the family have flown the nest, or even looking to rent, if you’d like the flexibility to be able to move again or live between a couple of properties.

If you look at the option to live within a retirement community, you can go down either path, to make sure you have the comfortable property you need, but you’re able to enjoy the freedom, social aspect and also the support that living here offers.

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What is a retirement community?

The emphasis is in the word ‘community’, retirement communities are designed to keep older people connected and integrated with their local neighbourhood, friends, and family. The communities are much more than just bricks and mortar, they offer an attractive option for people who want to remain active and independent, with the option of support if required.

As the UK’s pioneer of retirement communities, our mission is to create positive life choices for older people who want to live life their way for longer.

What are the advantages of living in a retirement community?

Maintaining your independence and staying connected in your later years is critical to supporting your mental and physical wellbeing. Within our communities we offer a base from which to continue to live the life you want to live, with a range of facilities and activities that are, literally, on your doorstep.

Whether it’s socialising with friends, choosing from a wide range of projects and activities, taking advantage of the amenities, or welcoming family into a beautiful home; the experience is personal for everyone. The common thread is the thriving, sociable and supportive community that is there when you want it.

How old do I need to be to consider living there?

Over 60s are welcome to join our communities but it’s never too early to get a flavour of life here. We want our communities to be integrated with the wider local community, so, at most of our villages, you can eat in the restaurant or use the gym without having to be a resident. For some, it’s a great way to dip their toe in the water before deciding to move in.

What types of properties are available in a retirement community?

Each village has its own variety of properties, but you can generally find a mixture of one, two or three-bedroom homes, such as apartments, cottages and bungalows. Alongside the landscaped communal grounds for everyone to enjoy across the village, many properties come with a balcony or garden. From a practical perspective, our properties can come with support systems (if you need them), parking and plenty of storage, too, because we want to make life within one of our communities as stress-free and easy as possible.

What sort of facilities can I expect to find in a retirement community?

We want our residents to create their own experiences and live life the way they want, so our range of facilities are designed to enable just that. While every village has a clubhouse, bar and restaurant, and a wellness suite, they are all completely unique with a broad range of special interest clubs and societies run by residents, for residents.

With games lawns, swimming pools, libraries and pool rooms, each community has its own quirks – and where some of our communities offer proximity into local cities for those who like the busier pace of life, some sit within acres of land to offer a more peaceful pace. Within some of our villages, we also offer care home facilities for those that require extra support.

Can I rent, or ‘try before I buy’?

Of course. We have various purchase or rental options because we know that not everyone is in the position to sell up and move straight in. Our affordable options allow people to make choices that suit them and give them the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

Where do I find out more about Retirement Villages?

Visit our website to find out more or call 01372 383950 to talk to the team directly. You can find more about which communities we have across the country and when our next open days are. You can meet other residents, test out the amenities and see what life is like at our communities.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you soon!

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