Living costs up to 20% higher in rural areas

People living in rural areas of the UK need to earn 20 per cent more than those living in urban areas so as to reach an acceptable living standard, reveals a new report

The study, carried out by The Commission for Rural Communities, found that someone in a remote village would need to bring home £18,600 to be able to live comfortably, while someone living in a town or city would be able to live on just £14,400 a year.

The report found that transport and fuel were the main reason for the rising costs.

Based on the figures above, the study found that a person living in a village would have to earn at least 50 per cent above the minimum wage to be able to meet the minimum living standard of £18,600 a year.

However, as low pay is a much more common factor in rural areas, many village workers fall short of achieving the necessary amount for an acceptable living standard.

The study was based on looking into what items people think households need to be able to afford to achieve a minimum acceptable living standard.

By Lauren King

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