Is Liquid Skin the Answer to Wound Care?

Are conventional plasters on the way out? We asked the experts from Liquid Skin to explain their revolutionary wound treatment product

• Is Liquid Skin as effective as a conventional bandage?
Liquid Skin is superior to traditional plasters for small cuts and grazes as it does not peel off and lasts up to five days and is waterproof. As with any plaster or bandage, it is important to apply to a clean and dry wound only. It’s convenient to use, dries fast and keeps out germs and bacteria while allowing the wound to breathe.

• Is it more cost-effective?

The multi-use pipette lasts for up to 20 applications and comes in a convenient, portable pipette. It is more economical to use than regular plasters.

• Does it allow a wound to breathe?

Liquid Skin has a high Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR) and as such allows the wound to breathe as it heals whilst acting as a microbial barrier preventing further exposure to germs and reducing the chance of infection.

• Is it waterproof?

When applied correctly, Liquid Skin is 100% waterproof and allows for swimming or bathing after application.

• Is Liquid Skin suitable for flexible areas?

Liquid Skin conforms to the contours and curves of the body and is flexible enough to be used on areas such as knees, elbows, fingers and feet.

• Can it be used on blisters and cracked skin?

Yes, Liquid Skin is perfect for preventing or protecting blisters and for sealing painful skin cracks.

• Is it easy to apply? How often is it applied?

Liquid Skin is a high viscosity (thick) liquid and can be directly applied to small cuts and grazes. It is easily dispensed from the pipette and should last up to five days. Reapplication can be made if required but only to CLEAN and DRY wounds.

• How is it removed?
Removal is not required as the Liquid Skin will slowly ‘slough off’ over time as the skin naturally heals.

• What’s the active component of Liquid Skin?
The active component of Liquid Skin is a special medical grade adhesive called nbutyl cyanoacrylate. This type of adhesive is used by surgeons and clinicians worldwide as a tissue adhesive and liquid bandage in both A&E and Operating Theatres.

• Where can I find out more about Liquid Skin?
For more information about Liquid Skin visit:

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