Linda Plant

Linda Plant is an interior designer to international royalty and Hollywood stars and owns interior high end company Homerun Services. We caught up with her for an exclusive interview:

What was your first design job? Designing beautiful knitwear for Honeysuckle, the clothing company I founded. 

How long have you been designing? In one form or another forever!

What is your favourite interiors related website? I find Pinterest useful, where you can find lots of ideas and create a mood board ranging from colours and overall looks, to individual pieces you may like.

Where was the last place you went that gave you inspiration for a design? I just returned from Paris and the flea markets are my great love. I saw a wonderful 50s glass table base there and it just it gave me inspiration for the entire room 

What item in your home do you think says most about you as a person?  My specially made huge cream velvet sofa. It’s stylish and would fit into any home. It will always dominate the room and I will never part with it. Depending on my mood I can change the look around with different cushions. 

What tips can you give for someone who wants to spring clean their house? Be a little bit ruthless; throw out but think carefully and don’t throw anything out which you love even if you think it’s out of fashion. If you love it then it will always be special in any scheme.  Get rid of clutter and small objects and it is amazing how much an area can be transformed when you have some space.

Which celebrity has immaculate taste and why? Ralph Lauren. He is the personification of style and quality. He gets it that’s why he can cloth your entire  family for almost any occasion  and  furnish your home . He is classic and stylish and a master of mixing the old with the new plus a touch of glamour, which is always needed in the mix 

If we only had £100, how could I “re do” the look of my home? Paint the house a different colour scheme and it entirely changes the personality of the room. You can have a completely different feel for just the price of paint (that’s as long as you can decorate yourself!). 

 Which decade do you most admire for its style when it comes to interior design and fashions of the home? I liked the 90s because I think it was the beginning of glamour and luxury , and paved the way of much of what we see today also people had just become aware of being environment friendly. The only problem I think there was a bit too much use of animal prints.

What is next for Linda Plant? Several projects; one in Miami, one in the Middle East and a 10000sq ft house that has to be furnished in 6 weeks! It never stops. 

What are your top 5 design tips:

1/ Art is very personal. It is better to have one special piece rather than lots of cheap and cheerful prints.

2/ Texture is very important. I will often line drapes in a contrasting fabric and use scatter cushions to transform a bed.

3/ White flowers. I could not live without them. Orchids in particular.

4/ Size matters. Out with lots of little bits of furniture and in with a couple of big pieces.

5/ Lighting – from a chandelier to a big shade. Mix it up with floor lighting, table lamps, focal point ceiling and wall lights.


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