Smart and Snazzy Lighting Trends for 2022

Lighting is known for being one of the most important aspects within interior design. It is always a crucial component to an attractive design scheme that will enhance your home. These days there are numerous different lighting styles that can vary from sculptural lighting to overhead pendants.

However, lighting trends are always evolving. The broad idea with trends in 2022 is that they inspire individuality and personality into segments of your home. Especially since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, our focus has been drawn into the state of our homes and how important it is to make it a place you are comfortable in and enjoy living in.

Therefore, we look at some of the best lighting trends that you should watch out for in 2022.

Sculptural Lighting with a WOW factor

A modern and stylish inclusion to lighting trends in 2022 is LED sculpture lighting. This could be apparent as a home decor trend and a lighting trend, as they bring an engrossing addition to both aspects. As well as bringing bright lighting with top of the range LEDs, even with the light turned off, it still provides an artistic element within the home.

Wall Light Thunder in black from Decovry,

Opt for Suspended Beauty

Maximalist lighting is in, and over-sized and highly decorative chandeliers and pendant lights will remain popular in homes across the UK in 2022. Although ornate chandeliers with lots of arms are set to be a lighting trend that lasts, look towards bold and eye-catching designs as the latest craze.

The prominence of overhead pendants in the kitchen and dining room as they bring more of a warmth and personality to those areas in the home. There has also been an increase in the appearance of suspended lights within the bedroom due to rise in importance of relaxation since the beginning of the pandemic. They have helped play an essential role in setting the mood and surrounding atmosphere.

Brubeck Round Suspension Lamp from Delightfull,

Table Lighting

Table lighting needn’t be dull – throw out the old wine-bottle lamps, go instead for something snazzy like this cat-shaped neon light, which can be powered by USB or batteries.

Feline Fine Neon Table Light from Red Candy,

Sustainable Lighting

Eco-friendly, green, sustainable, however you want to call improving the environment for the better, it is clear that it’s a trend no industry can break free from. Lighting trends have embraced the need for sustainability by using natural materials such as pale wood to shape the foundation for lights. Designs such as wooden lampshades and sconces provide a welcome natural lift to any home. In addition, these materials can consist of various patterns which can add an artistic element to your home.

Smart Baton Light from Not On The High Street,

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