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For many people who struggle with their body shape, body contouring is a minimally invasive solution—helping them re-shape. Learn more, here.

The following questions were answered by Dr F Zavahir

What is body contouring?

The term ‘body contouring is a term used for a wide range of invasive or non-invasive procedures intended to reshape, reduce fat, tighten, smooth and improve the overall appearance of the physique. Non-invasive body contouring is the version that offers next-to-no recovery time, due to leaving the skin intact. Technologies such as lasers are the best non-invasive methods, as they bypass the skin and use heat to treat fat or remodel the area.

How does the procedure work?

Non-invasive body contouring applicators use laser technology to heat up fat cells, so that the structural integrity of the cell is compromised or damaged. Therefore, over time, the body eliminates these fat cells permanently, leading to reduced volume of fat in the area and a smoother appearance of the body.

How permanent is it?

The results are long-lasting, as the fat cells treated are permanently destroyed.

Is it a surgical procedure?

Non-invasive body contouring is not a surgical procedure; it has little to no recovery time.

What options are available, in terms of invasiveness?

In terms of invasive procedures, the options are: liposuction, which is surgical and requires six weeks recovery time; and smart lipo/laser lipolysis, which is minimally invasive and uses laser technology, however with longer recovery times than non-invasive laser lipolysis—the latest evolution of body contouring.

Can it be paid for in instalments?

Many clinics that offer non-invaisive body contouring offer patient financing which allows patients to spread the cost of treatment.

Why should I consider getting body contouring?

You should consider body contouring if you have stubborn pockets or areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise, or want to improve the shape of certain areas so that clothes with fit better with fewer bulges, which will ultimately give you better body confidence. 

What are the main reasons people opt for this procedure?

The main reason patients opt for non-invasive body contouring is due to the lack of recovery time, you can go straight back to work or to the gym. The treatment time starts at 25 minutes depending on the area that is treated. It only takes two treatments and we see up to 25 percent reduction of fat thickness per treatment.

Do high-profile celebrities getting these procedures make more people want to get them?

Of course this can have an influence on people having treatment but it is vital to ensure someone has been properly recommended the treatment by a skilled doctor, nurse or aesthetician.

Are people usually satisfied with the results?                             

Yes, we have a high patient satisfaction rate, up to 96 percent patient satisfaction for body treatments and 100 percent patient satisfaction on the chin.

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