Learn How to Look After Your Eyes and Sight

Keep an eye on your vision, with Live to 100’s self-help tips. How frequently you need a check-up will vary according to your age, overall health, any eye conditions you have or family history, but if you notice a change between check-ups see an optometrist as soon as possible.

Sight loss has been identified as one of our biggest health fears, yet in 50% of cases, sight loss is preventable. Amid a worsening outlook for the nation’s eye health, a regular eye exam is vital to diagnosing and treating vision issues early. Omar Hassan is head of professional services at Vision Express. Here, he explains why a routine trip to the optician is crucial – not only to identify potential sight problems, but as a general health check that can flag conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and stroke. Find out now why an eye test should be on your to-do list, what it involves and what you can do to protect your vision.
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10 Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

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