Laser Therapy Promotes Natural Healing

K-Laser helps Celebrity Angels explore Laser Therapy and discover why it might be the right alternative treatment for you.

What is laser light therapy?

The human body reacts to light: when exposed to sunlight our skin tans, vitamin D is boosted, and larger quantities of serotonin (the ‘happiness’ hormone) are released within the brain. These reactions are mediated by molecules that react to light.

Over 50 years of research have unravelled which wavelengths of light trigger positive reactions in our tissues. This body of bio-medical findings has been merged with LASER technology to produce medical devices able to optimise the positive effects of light stimulation to accelerate wound healing, as well as reduce pain, stiffness and swelling.

How does it work?

Laser therapy uses selected wavelengths of light to stimulate key molecules in tissues. This activates a cascade of photochemical reactions that boosts cellular metabolism. This can also benefit your circulation, oxygenation and absorption of nutrients—creating an optimal healing environment for tissues to recover. As the injured area returns to normal, function is restored and pain is relieved.

Laser therapy has proven successful on a vast range of applications—from acute injuries to chronic pain and from musculoskeletal conditions to wounds. It is a safe and non-invasive, drug-free technique that promotes the bodies own reparative processes.

Not all therapeutic lasers are created equally.

Models and brands can differ significantly when it comes to light therapy. Some lower energy devices can have limited therapeutic action and produce mixed outcomes. Devices categorized as ‘Class IIIb’ can emit a very limited amount of energy, requiring long sessions to produce the therapeutic dosage needed.

The new generation of lasers, called ‘Class IV’, are more powerful and can deliver a therapeutic dosage to deep tissues in few minutes. The most advanced therapeutic Class IV laser, featuring four different wavelengths, has a success rate of 90 percent and 0.07 percent adverse reaction (NHS data).

Are there side effects?

The therapy doesn’t normally induce allergic reactions or side effects because it doesn’t introduce anything foreign into the body. Light is energy, and laser therapy simply provides carefully calibrated energy to tissues to boost their natural reparative processes.

The treatment is pain free for the vast majority of patients. When treated with a Class IV laser you will generally perceive a warm sensation that patients describe as soothing and relaxing—whilst treatments with the weaker Class IIIb lasers can’t be perceived.

Adverse reactions are very rare, mild and temporary. A moderate increase in pain may occur in patients with nerve hypersensitivity during the first couple of sessions but this will decrease over time.

Is laser therapy for me?

Laser therapy is suitable for patients of any age group, skin tone and body size—from athletes to pregnant women, from injured children to infirm elderly people.

It’s ideal for long-term maintenance of incurable conditions such as osteoarthritis, as an alternative—or in conjunction with—on-going medication.

In elite sport teams athletes are treated proactively to prevent the onset of inflammations and tissue damages during training.

A course of treatments can span from four sessions for acute cases, to 12 or more for chronic conditions, with ideally two applications a week.

Laser therapy is offered in physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathic clinics, as well as in podiatric and dental centres, though not all offer the most advanced Class IV therapeutic lasers.

K-Laser offer the latest in laser therapy with their never-ending dedication to innovation. They are currently offering Class IV Laser Therapy—a non-invasive, drug-free treatment option for musculoskeletal conditions, pain management and faster healing of damaged and inflamed tissues. Visit for more information.

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