Landlords and the Smart Inventory

Why should landlords keep an inventory, and what’s the best way to do it? The experts from Smart Inventory explain their approach

• What is the importance of an inventory for landlords?

It is imperative that a landlord has an independent, professional inventory that details each rooms structure including the condition of – ceiling, walls, windows, flooring, heating, furniture, fixtures and fittings, appliances and sanitary ware. The reports will highlight whether or not the property has been professionally cleaned and will include utility meter readings and all backed up by time and date stamped photographic evidence.

• How does the Smart Inventory system work?

We have a booking system that has been built by us in-house which you can access by clicking on the link on our website. Landlords and letting agents create your own account, book jobs, access previous reports undertaken and download all photos taken at the property. We send inventories to tenants for signing through our booking system which will automatically advise you when they have signed and also allows tenants to make their own comments\observations. This keeps all your documents in one place and you can access whenever you need them.

  • What happens when a tenant moves out?

The property will be inspected as thoroughly on check out as it was at check in. Obvious or significant discrepancies will be reported to the Managing Agent/Landlord. The report will record all damaged/soiled/missing items and whether in the opinion of the Clerk, the tenant is responsible and thus liable for charges. However, the law allows for fair wear and tear and this will be taken into consideration when the Check Out report is compiled.

• What are the different types of domestic and commercial inventories?

A domestic inventory is for a rented property where a tenant will be living in the property during a tenancy. A commercial inventory can be offices, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, retail shops and even filmsets and stately homes !

• What other services do Smart Inventory offer?

We cover inventories, check outs and mid-term inspections. We also test smoke alarms and CO2 alarms and can replace if any are not working ensuring your property is legally compliant. We have developed a Key Exchange App which GPS tracks and photographs wherever we hand over keys to tenants, agents and landlords

• What is the AIIC?

The AIIC are dedicated to promoting the highest possible standards of accuracy and reliability and have been endorsing high levels of professionalism in the inventory business since 1996. As an association they are committed to excellence and professionalism in the property inventory process and work hard to ensure that all landlords, tenants and letting agents understand the importance and benefits of professionally completed property inventories.

The value of instructing an expert AIIC independent inventory clerk is to avoid unnecessary costs and legal disputes and make every party aware of its responsibilities. You will also have confidence that government regulations are being adhered to and have a professional partner with specialist knowledge. Smart Inventory are full Executive members of the AIIC and have been a member since January 2011.

• What areas do Smart Inventory cover?

We cover Central & Greater London, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Essex.

• How much do Smart Inventory services cost?

The cost of an Inventory/Check Out varies with each property depending on how many bedrooms and extra rooms the property has. We don’t charge extra to check in any tenants. You can find our very competitive fee rates on our website.

• What’s the story behind Smart Inventory?

Smart Inventory is a family run business. Steve started training as an inventory clerk in 2008. Just two years later he created Smart Inventory and worked as a sole proprietor. In 2013 Smart Inventory Services Ltd was set up and has grown from strength to strength ever since. As the business became busier Jo and Sam joined the team and we have recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary.

• Where can I find out more about Smart Inventory?

You can visit our website – where you can book us online, view sample reports and videos of our service and booking system.

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