Koko Kids M!lk, the Alternative to Dairy

Many families are looking for an alternative to cows’ milk for dietary or ethical reasons, so could coconut milk be the solution? The experts from Koko explain

• What is Koko Kids M!lk made from?
Koko Kids is a coconut based dairy alternative that’s low in sugar and a source of protein.

• What else is included?
The drink is fortified with vitamins and minerals to support children’s growth, cognitive development, immunity and vision.

• Is Koko Kids M!lk suitable to replace cows milk in all cases?
Koko Kids is dairy and lactose free, it can be used in breakfasts, cooking, baking and enjoyed as a drink. We do advise that you contact your GP or a qualified dietitian if planning to use Koko Kids as a main milk source for infants under 2.

• Are Koko products allergen free?
Koko Kids is free from dairy, soya, nuts, lactose and gluten.

• Are Koko products free from artificial additives?
At Koko we never include GMOs, artificial flavours, or colours in our products.

• Are Koko products suitable for vegans and vegetarians?
Yes our products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, we register all our products with The Vegan Society and include their logo on our packaging.

• Are Koko coconuts harvested ethically?
Yes, we source our coconuts from suppliers in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines who have specially grown shorter hybrid trees. This means that these can be harvested by people using tools and no animal labour is necessary. As part of our process, we thoroughly assess growing and harvesting practices to ensure that no animals are used or will ever be used!

• Where can I buy Koko Kids M!lk?
Koko Kids M!lk is currently available to purchase in Asda and Boots, and on Amazon.

• What other products does Koko offer?
Koko have a range of milk and yogurt alternatives, including Original Like M!lk, Unsweetened No Sugar M!lk, Barista Foamy M!lk, Plain Yogurt and Greek Style Yogurt.

• What’s the story behind Koko?
Koko was started in 2010 and we were the first UK company to make a coconut-based alternative to dairy milk.

We loved the milk inside coconuts so to us it seemed natural to turn it into another kind of milk that more people could enjoy. Using our exclusive coconut know-how we created a milk that tastes remarkably close to semi-skimmed dairy milk: Koko Original Like M!lk. It was so successful we expanded our range and introduced even more milks as well as alternatives to yogurt, cheese and spread.

• Where can I find out more about Koko and its products?
Head to our website, www.kokodairyfree.com, follow us on Facebook @KokoCoconutUK, Instagram @koko_coconutuk and on TikTok @kokodairyfree.

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