Keeping Your Pond Healthy With Dyes

The primary purpose of pond dye is to help prevent the growth of unsightly algae and weeds by filtering out light before it gets to the nutrients and root systems from which these things grow, and, at the same time improve the aesthetics of the pond. The experts from Dyofix explain

In what part of the year should pond dyes be applied?
Pond dyes should be seen as growth prevention, not as a cure, so applying in early Springtime is recommended, however the products can be used all year round.

Are they suitable for all types of ponds and lakes?
Nearly all types of ponds can benefit but there are some ponds that have a permanent flow of water, for example streams and springs. Ponds like this cannot keep the dye in place for long enough to be useful, but the constant flow should help to keep the pond free of algae.

Are they safe to use in fishponds? Are they pet and wildlife safe?
The dyes used in DyoFix products are based on human food approved colours that have undergone rigorous testing that include fish and microorganisms at levels thousands of time greater concentrations than the products used in ponds and pose no risk to pets, wildlife, fish, invertebrates etc.

Is it safe to swim in dyed water?
Yes, the levels of dyes are low and will not stain skin or clothing once it has had time to fully mix with all of the water. Mixing time can be as little as a few minutes if the water is agitated.

How long do the dyes last?

The dye can last for several months but please remember that fresh water, rainfall and runoff will dilute the dye, so a regular top up is always a good idea. As a rule, a top up using 10% of the original dose each month should cover this. Topping up should cease in Autumn and a fresh full dose applied each Spring.

How do I know if I need to ‘top up’?
Once the dye is applied and has dispersed a sample of the water should be taken, ideally in a glass jar and stored in a dark cupboard. Monthly take a new sample, and hold that next to your original sample (Control) if its paler then you know to add more product.

Do the dyes stain clothing?
The dye, as supplied, is strong enough to stain skin and clothing but once applied to the water it will not, gloves should be worn in the application of the product.

Is it safe to flush dyes water down drains?
Yes, but only after it has been fully mixed with the pond water. Do not pour the dyes straight into a drain. Even though there will not be any danger by doing this, strong coloured water “appearing” in a drain or stream may cause alarm to people who would have no clue what it is or where it came from. If a coloured pond needs to be drained it is better to let the water drain to soil.

Are there different types of DyoFix?

Yes, there are two distinct types, one completely colours the water Black so no light penetrates the water, and this creates a stunning mirror like effect on the surface and is often used by designers and architects, It also instantly masks any green water.

The others only add a faint tint of colour leaving the water transparent but with enough dye to filter out enough light to slow or prevent the growth of weeds and algae. These are available in Blue or Shadow and is the preferred option for ponds with fish and swimmers.

What’s the story behind Dyofix?
The name DyoFix came about in the late 1990s from a simple play on words – a “dye” to “fix” a problem. For a couple of decades before that, a single product had been supplied to a few customers, including Kew Gardens for use in Lily Ponds. A BBC program called a Year at Kew showed their lily pond having the dye applied and from this we were inundated with requests for information from individual pond owners which made us realise that products should be made available for home use.

Where can I find out more about Dyofix?
Our web site, has a wealth of information and images, however we are more than happy to discuss on the telephone and can be contacted on 0113 256 4251 or email

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