Keeping Kids Clean – How Are You Taking Care of Your Child’s Skin During the Pandemic?

Most parents find it hard to get their little ones to sanitise at the best of times, let alone during the pandemic when increased cleansing can dry out their delicate skin. Beauty manufacturers Creightons explore how the health and beauty market is changing the face of hand washing to keep skin safe, as well as soft.

It’s National Hygiene Week from July 5th-11th 2021, so we’re looking at one group most affected by the issues, children.

If there is one group of people that the global Coronavirus pandemic has affected most, it is children. From the disruption of their education, isolation from their friends and the inability to learn new social skills that are vital for their development – they have suffered a lot. Most parents however will be happy that schools in the UK are now starting to welcome children back into the classroom; which is fantastic for their mental wellbeing – but what about their physical health?

Most schools and nurseries are ensuring to encourage children to wash their hands multiple times a day or use sanitising foams or gels between lessons and playtime. While this vigilance from the schools is welcomed by every parent, carer, or grandparent, many may well have noticed their child’s delicate baby skin is becoming itchy, dry, or sore as a result of the frequent washing – making it even less likely for them to want to keep their hands clean.


Traditional gels or foams are incredibly stripping for adult skin, let alone the delicate skin of a child. The active ingredients or alcohols in these products are great for tackling bacteria and viruses, as they use their fat solubilising properties to breakdown their lipidic walls – but because of these properties, they are also ridding the skin of their natural oils and sebum that help maintain the skin’s barrier function, meaning these products are causing transepidermal water loss, which then results in dehydrated and irritated skin.

A way we can help ease this dryness or irritation can come in the form of hand creams that help deposit emollients and hydrating ingredients onto the skin to help protect it. However, a sanitiser and a hand cream might not be the easiest solution. Getting your kids to wash their hands is enough of a struggle, let alone getting them to moisturise and add more steps to their hand washing routine – especially when they are being made to sanitise upwards of five times a day.

Beauty manufacturers Creightons however are a leading UK beauty business who have innovated to try and find solutions to these problems.

Clare Robertson, Brand Manager at Creightons commented “During the early stages of the pandemic we noticed that it wasn’t just sales for hand washes and gels that spiked, it was hand cream too. So, we tasked our lab to help fill the market gap for a sanitiser that would not harm the skin with frequent use. What we came up with was a game changer in the industry, a patented hand sanitiser cream for our hygiene brand ‘Pure Touch’, that not only kills 99.9% of bacteria, but viruses too”.

Pure Touch

Naturally, this product has made waves, winning awards within just a few months of launch because of the unique solutions it has bought to those who are suffering with dry and damaged skin. It truly is the perfect product to help you and your family keep clean and safe, while caring for their skin health too. There are even three variants to match everyone’s individual needs. Including an Intensive and Sensitive version for the most delicate of skin types that crave additional moisturising or soothing properties.


Doubtless Pure Touch will be leading the way for other brands diversifying in the hand health and hygiene sector, as even once lockdown eases, the market will have to adapt to the ‘new normal’ in terms of our increased vigilance within hygiene practices at work, in the home, or in schools.

All three Pure Touch Hand Sanitiser Cream variants are now available to buy in ASDA or online at

Please always ensure adult supervision while using any sanitiser or sanitiser cream product.

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