Keep it Clean for the Family

Anyone with a house full of energetic children is aware of the importance of keeping a clean home. Whether they’re at the crawling stage, toddling, or playing around the house and garden, one of the essentials for good care is to make sure that dirt and germs are not going to cause a problem.

But keeping every area of the house from the kitchen to the floors clean can be a time-consuming task. Out tip is to develop a routine, and to make sure you are using the right cleaning products for each job.

Here’s our easy guide to cleaning your home in simple stages.

  1. Declutter. It’s the in thing at the moment – decluttering your home is meant to be good for the spirit, as well as for the spring cleaning! Put aside time to do your decluttering – perhaps you can spend a whole weekend doing it, or you can do one room a day for a week. Use storage furniture and plastic crates to get everything surplus out of your way, and don’t make the mistake of hiding it all away in an attic or basement – that’s just moving the problem, not solving it!
  2. Store. Each room should be organized to make best use of storage spaces. Sort out your clothes, and if they’re not won regularly or kept for special occasions such as weddings, of if they no longer fit, throw them out or give them to charity.Clear kitchen counter-tops of everything except items you use every day, and in the bathroom, clear our cabinet clutter, throw out expired products, and store extra supplies out of the way, for instance on the top shelf of closets.
  3. Organise. Books, magazines and toys shouldn’t be all over the floor. Sort everything into three piles – to keep, to throw out, and to donate to charity.If an ornament is just gathering dust, decide whether it’s something you really want to keep!

Once you have decluttered, it’s time to start cleaning. Again, you might want to tackle a deep clean over a weekend, or a few days; then once you have everything sparkling, start a regular cleaning routine to keep everything just right.

Here are some top tips for a regular home cleaning routine.

  1. Kitchen. Clean surfaces every night after your last meal. When you deep clean, remember surfaces, floors, shelves, large appliances and small appliances. Remember the inside of the microwave, and when you clean inside the refrigerator, start at the top, take out and clean each shelf and drawer one at a time, and when you clean the outside remember the handles. Don’t forget to empty the crumbs from your toaster.
  2. Bathroom. Remember cabinets and drawers, shower heads, sinks, toilets and counter-tops, but don’t forget smaller items like shower caddies – make sure they’re emptied and washed, and replaced if they’re cracked or stained.
  3. Bedrooms. This should be easy once you have decluttered. Wipe down headboards, footboards and bedposts, clean mirrors, and use your vacuum cleaner attachments to clean behind furniture.
  4. Curtains may need to be taken down to be washed. Don’t forget that fixtures such as lightshades will need cleaning too – a feather duster may not be enough to move thick dust, so they may need to be taken down for cleaning.
  5. Floors. After vacuum cleaning and mopping, you may still need to scrub corners and edges with a suitable cleaning products – sometimes there’s no substitute for hard work!

Once your house is spotless, it’s easy to maintain it with the right cleaning products, a regular routine, and a big Spring clean once a year.

For a sparkling clean and fresh smelling home, try cleaning products from Flash and Febreze. Flash Ultra Power Anti-Bac Spray blasts through dirt, grease and grime on worktops, while Flash Ultra Power Concentrated leaves floors sparkling. Flash Ultra Power Magic Eraser cleans stubborn marks off walls and doors, while Febreze with its OdourClear technology doesn’t just mask smells, but neutralizes and eliminates them, using only 100% natural propellant.

You can use Flash and Febreze products with confidence, as all are thoroughly tested to be safe for intended use.  Both Flash & Febreze are part of the Terracycle recycling programme that has so far helped over half a million pieces of plastic in the UK be recycled and avoid landfill.

For details of all the ingredients in Flash, Febreze and other P&G products, you can visit  


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