Jemma Kidd

Jemma Kidd wears many different hats: international make-up artist, cult beauty expert and fashion model. She is also a mother and beauty ambassador for Udo’s Oil. She tells Kathryn McCann the secrets behind juggling a hectic lifestyle and still looking so fabulous!

How does being a make-up artist and beauty guru differ from your modelling career?

I was so young when I modelled, it was never a job that I took seriously – more of a hobby than a career. Founding my make-up school was my passion.

Describe a day in the life of Jemma Kidd

It changes daily as I feel like I have many different lives. One day I’ll be living in the country, horse riding, growing vegetables and designing my new medicinal herb garden, then the next, I’ll be in London having meetings, creating and researching natural beauty as well as being a consultant for Martin Cooper, the creative director of Belstaff. My main job in life is being a mum. 

Your a make-up artist, model, beauty guru and a mum! How do you balance such a hectic lifestyle and still look so fabulous?!

Sleep and a healthy diet, you are what you eat and I try and eat only organic, juice fresh juices, supplement with Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend and drinks lots of green tea and water. Living in the country helps as it stops you going out every night.

What is your daily skincare regime?

I’m constantly trying new products, cleaning the skin is so important as well as exfoliating. I wear natural products as much as possible to keep my skin hydrated.

Which of your make-up products could you not live without?

My mineral skin tinted moisturiser, Benefit they’re Real mascara, JK Temptress lips stick dewy glow in rose gold for luminosity, JK show stopper body shimmer.

When and how did you first discover Udo’s Oil and what benefits do you get from it?

I want to look good without make-up which is weird seeing as I am a make-up artist. I have been on a quest to get great skin for years and Udo’s Oil was one of the first products I came across that actually worked. I have been taking it for years and it helps in so many ways especially my skin and hair. My whole family take it, especially now when the cold air tends to dry out your skin.

How do you integrate Udo’s Oil into your daily diet?

I pour it over one of my meals, you can put it on warm or cold food. I also put it in fresh juice, apple juice or porridge.

What was behind your decision to become beauty ambassador for Udo’s Oil?

It’s a product I really believe in so it was a very natural fit. I never get involved with brands I don’t trust and use.

Any quick make-up tips?

Take Udo’s Oil for great skin so you use less makeup.

What do you carry in your make-up bag?

A few brushes, tweezers, Lucas Papaw, brown eyeshadow quad, eye liner in brown and black, concealer, light as air foundation, 500+ lips sticks and lip glosses!! Mac powder blush, mascara, eyelash curlers, primer – a lot of the products will be prototypes so they are not on the markets yet.

For more information and recipes visit Udo’s Oil website, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

You can also check out Jemma’s website.

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