Jemma Kidd shares her make-up secrets

Follow make-up mogul Jemma Kidd’s advice for a flawless finish

Older skin
Ensure your skin is well moisturised before applying foundation and make sure that the foundation you choose is a lightweight, creamy formula. Using anything too heavy will accentuate any fine lines in the skin. More mature skins can often appear dull and tired so using an illuminating crème either with or on top of your foundation will give the skin instant radiance. If you do not like to use foundation, opt for a tinted moisturiser to even out the complexion.

The one big mistake women make is applying eyeliner above the lash line and not blending it in. This creates an artificial line above the lashes which does nothing for the eyes. The most important thing to do is apply the liner into the root of the lashes which defines the eye and helps lashes look thicker. You can keep reapplying over this line to make it as dramatic as you want. If using coloured liner, ensure that you make the first line in a dark colour to create the shape and you can then go over it with your coloured liner.

Gel liner
These are very easy to apply, come in fabulous colours, are longlasting, mainly waterproof and great for creating anything from a basic line to a sophisticated flick. But be aware that these liners dry quickly and become difficult to work with once dry.

Kiss Kiss
If you have any redness around the mouth area, tone it down with foundation and remove any dry skin with a lip scrub or a toothbrush. If you are wearing a real statement colour on your lips which is going to accentuate their shape, then I would advise using a lipliner, especially round the cupid’s bow. Otherwise, I don’t think there is much need for it. In this day and age many women are simply using lipstains for a natural, long lasting finish. Apply over bare lips to keep the look natural or add a touch of lipgloss over the top for a bit of glamour.

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