Is Artificial Grass Right For My Garden?

We asked the experts from Namgrass to lay it out for us

What are some of the main advantages of artificial grass?

There are numerous advantages to installing artificial grass. For starters, it requires no mowing, re-seeding, weeding, or watering. Artificial grass has saved millions of gallons of tap water and eliminates the need for harmful pesticides, making it safe for children and pets to play on. It is also completely weatherproof, providing outdoor space all year round and always looks vibrant and inviting.

Is it easy to install?

When installing artificial grass, careful measuring, planning, and preparation will pay dividends. Whatever the size and shape of the garden, it’s critical to start with the basics, such as a smooth level surface, before moving on to cutting and joining. In a typical garden, artificial grass installations take 1-2 days on average, and our top tip for a professional finish is simply to take your time. Namgrass also partner with a great team of friendly and professional installers if you would prefer the job done for you.

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How do I maintain artificial grass?

Artificial grass requires very little attention; however, keeping your grass free of debris such as wet leaves, branches, and gravel, rinsing it regularly with cool clean water to remove dust and pollen, and cross brushing against the grain frequently in high traffic areas, are important aspects of care and maintenance that will pay off in protecting your lawn in the long run.

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What guarantee do I get on Namgrass?

To provide complete peace of mind for all Namgrass customers, Namgrass have developed an industry-leading 10-year warranty that covers all their grasses. To activate your warranty, simply enter your information onto the Namgrass website, and you will receive an email with your warranty certificate, an easy-to-follow maintenance guide, and full details of the warranty terms and conditions.

Can artificial grass be recycled?

Yes it can. Namgrass’ manufacturing group are constantly researching and developing ways to help us become more sustainable. As a group, they’ve recently opened an artificial grass recycling plant in the Netherlands and will soon be opening these across other countries to make recycling artificial grass more widely available.

How does PURETi work?

Pureti (see image, top of page, of Namgrass Utopia coated with Pureti) is a patented water-based surface treatment that is invisible to the naked eye. With a single thin application, it forms a clear, long-lasting film that transforms almost any surface into a self-cleaning air purifier. A variety of environmental benefits are produced by a photocatalytic process that occurs when ultraviolet light reacts with the naturally occurring mineral Titanium Dioxide found in the water-based product.

What ecological benefits does it have?

A metre squared of Namgrass treated with Pureti has a major impact on reversing poor air quality and is equivalent to the air purifying effects of one mature tree planted. Pureti will have the same CO2 equivalent as planting 50 trees in a family back garden, with the average garden size in the UK being 50m2.

What are the other advantages of PURETi?

Artificial grass with a Pureti coating will prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, as well as the growth of moss, mould, and algae, saving water and chemicals and achieving environmental sustainability. Pureti removes odours, artificial grass becomes antistatic, and increases the lifetime of a lawn, resulting in a significant return on investment.

Where does the name Namgrass come from?

The “NAM” in Namgrass stands for ‘Natura Artis Magistra’, meaning – ‘Nature is the teacher of art’. Namgrass was founded with the aim to produce and deliver products that are as realistic to nature as possible.

Where can I find out more about Namgrass?

To find out more about Namgrass please visit or give our friendly team a call on 03330 151853.

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