Interior Design Trends

With every new season comes a flurry of edicts from blogs and magazines urging us to transform our interiors.

Realistically, however, most of us don’t have the time, money or inclination to radically transform our homes two or three times a year. What we can do is add subtle, easy updates that keep our interiors current. Here, Property & Home explores the latest interior design trends that you can introduce to your home with minimal fuss.

The green, green grass

Pantone’s colour of the year is the suitably spring-like Greenery, a zesty hue that, to quote Pantone, ‘evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew’. Greenery is an attention-grabbing colour and lots of it can overwhelm, so refrain from painting it on all four walls. Instead, restrict yourself to feature walls in well-lit rooms with plenty of natural light. Alternatively, use it to add pops of colour to a room—from oversized botanical prints to an armchair upholstered in velvet.

Fake it

The recent interior design trends have been leaning towards faux finishes, which is great news for the cash-strapped and eco-conscious, with materials—ranging from faux leather to faux wood paneling—designed to look just like the real thing. In many cases they perform even better than their ‘real’ counterparts. Engineered quartz worktops can handle heat better than marble ones and faux wood doesn’t need expensive treatments to stop it from rotting.

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Mix it up

Take a maximalist approach to mixing different patterns and textiles and don’t worry about clashing. It’s also a good idea to focus this look on statement pieces—such as a bed with different patterned duvets, cushions and throws—as a way of anchoring a room.

Covetable colours

Making a room feel modern no longer means you have to paint everything in chilly shades of white or beige. Softer and less oppressive than black, interior design trends have revealed that navy pairs well with most colours and can be used to add clean contemporary accents to a room—try painting your kitchen cabinets or reupholstering your sofa in this hue. Not all of you will be enamoured with the blunt cheeriness of Greenery and if sleek white minimalism is your thing then make sure you layer varying shades of white—from bone to chalk and ivory—in a room rather than one flat colour, which can create a hospital-like feel.

Deep, saturated jewel tones will be popping up everywhere in 2017—try adding accessories and scatter cushions in intense emerald greens and cobalt blues to add a dash of drama to a room.

Handmade with love

Spurning mass-produced items in favour of crafting your own homewares is a trend that has been in full swing for years. Now, consumers are moving on from DIY and seeking pieces that have been made by experts with real skill and ingenuity. Try collecting beautiful handmade ceramics—from vases, pots and light fixtures—to add an artisan touch to your home.

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The prints edit

Butterflies—emblazoned on walls, cushions, bedding and curtains—will be 2017’s favoured motif. To avoid an overly twee effect opt for delicate yet outsize prints that focus on the intricate architecture of the butterfly wing. Another big theme for prints this season aims to turn your interiors tropical: think oversized jungle foliage and all manner of exotica—from parrots to jaguars. Intersperse these with house plants such as ferns and Swiss cheese plants.

Touch me textures

Weaving different textures into a room is a clever way of adding interest, especially if your colour scheme is neutral in nature. Interior design trends have been showing an emergence in folded and pleated velvets in upholstery, throws made from chunky yarns, unfinished materials such as raw wood and handmade ceramics—they help a space feel less slick and more like a home.

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