Interior Design Trends of 2022

As we enter the new year and near the cheerful and floral season of spring, plenty of us will be looking to brighten up our homes. But what are going to be the big trends of the year? From new colourways to adaptations to the requirements for working from home, we bring you some of the top ideas for decorative enhancement this season.

Bedroom Enhancement

Nowadays, the bedroom is becoming a more flexible room in the house. In addition to the tradition role of relaxation, the bedroom has also been enhanced to be a useful work area, dressing room and mini home gym. As a result, it is a room that will continue to be used more and more. You will want to make the room looking as luxurious as possible. Adding more neutral tones all across the room, whether that be the walls, curtains, chairs or rugs, will introduce a sense of luxury within the room.

Greenery and Sustainability

With the idea of becoming more eco-friendly being emphasised more and more by the day, interiors will pursue incorporating more eco-friendly designs and products that will help with sustainable living. This could also mean that the popular idea of bringing the outside indoors will continue with an increased number of nature-inspired tones being used to make the home garner a more peaceful look. We believe shades of green and blue will rise in the colour charts this year.

Wise Island Worktops

Island worktops are certainly a feature that is growing in popularity with homeowners eager to build one for their kitchens. The good thing about worktops is that they can come in various shapes, sizes and materials to suit you and your kitchen. Whether you like a smooth and modernised design, stark industrial or cosy cottage, there will be a design for you, forming part of the theme look of your cooking and eating area.

Trendy Tones

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been spending a lot more time at home. One of the most popular activities during lockdown was revamping and redecorating rooms with many translating their personalities onto their interiors. This brought about a confidence of using more joyful tones such as “duck egg blue” and “mustard yellow”.

Both Pantone and Dulux have selected a shade of blue as their prediction for ‘Colour of the Year’ with Dulux choosing ‘Bright Skies’ and Pantone choosing ‘Periwinkle Blue’ accentuating that cooler shades of blue will continue appearing in our homes.  

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