Installing a Vertical Rise Lift

We outline the multiple uses and benefits of domestic home lifts for accessibility and improvements in mobility

Vertical rise lifts can easily be installed within homes, helping residents move from floor to floor. The difference between a home lift and a stair lift is quite straightforward: rather than transporting you on a seat down the stairway, your home lift takes you between levels smoothly and safely—bypassing stairs altogether. 

Home lifts have seen a surge in popularity over the years, highlighting a growing need for independence in the elderly and immobile. They represent solutions for many individuals who are keen to uphold their sense of freedom and wish to continue their daily routines despite their physical restrictions. 

Catering to your lifestyle 

Various types of lifts are available on the market nowadays; making it easier to find one that is suited to your unique situation. From maneuvering a single step to descending multiple levels of the home, there are countless options to choose from. Most lift installers provide a tailored service, allowing customers to bend and adapt models as they see fit. Lift devices can be positioned beside the hallway or designed to transport you straight into your living room or upstairs bathroom. Home lifts can even be constructed for outdoor purposes, using the best materials to weather open-air environments. They can also accommodate for multiple passengers if needed. The malleability of this product means that your regular lifestyle can continue unhindered. 

A positive impact

In the past an in-house carer might have been the only viable solution for people struggling with low mobility. Now vertical rise lift users can exercise more independence, making it possible for them to live alone. This marks a particularly significant leap forward for disabled or physically impaired individuals, allowing them to experience freedom like never before. From this perspective, home lift devices are having a positive impact on those who use them. 

Safety first 

One of the most obvious benefits of installing a domestic home lift is the increased safety element it brings. Many accidents in the home occur when descending the stairs; this is especially true for elderly occupants. A gentle lift can dramatically reduce the chances of falls and preventable accidents. Many companies also offer a maintenance service, checking regularly that your lift is working to a high standard.

Property options

Being able to maneuver through our home freely is something we take for granted. Wheelchair users and people suffering from other incapacities can often be limited when choosing appropriate housing. A 2014 report by Leonard Cheshire Disability found that as many as 54 percent of those with mobility impairments who had looked for accessible homes said they were difficult to find. Only four percent said they were easy to find. With new lift devices and technology, people with disabilities may feel that they have more options; perhaps enabling them to get into the property market more easily.

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