Kitchens Inspired by TV and Movie Classics

With today’s multitude of streaming platforms, audiences are almost spoiled for choice when it comes to the hottest new movies and TV shows to binge-watch. And when these smash hits are released, not only is social media awash with opinions, fan accounts, and plot theories, but we also see the fashions and overall aesthetics of our favourite classic programmes becoming hot topics.

It’s no surprise, then, that interior design trends can also be revived and re-imagined by the content we watch. In fact, getting inspired by the colour palettes or patterns we see on-screen can often be just the dose of creativity we need to refresh our homes and add the flair our kitchens, bedrooms, or living rooms have been missing. Below, we’ll give you the low-down on how five of this year’s most popular films and TV shows are bringing new aesthetics into home design, courtesy of The White Kitchen Company. We’ve also added some great AI designs too.

Creating a monochromatic look with all things pink is one of the most visually effective ways to emulate Barbiecore. This can work particularly well in kitchens, where pink countertops, cabinets, and even appliances can be layered the same (or slightly varied) shades of hot pink, transforming your home into a Barbie dreamhouse.

If you do brave the monochromatic look, adding white or gold fixtures (or a dash of green via houseplants) can offer some respite for the eyes, ensuring that the space doesn’t look too one-dimensional. Above all, though, Barbiecore is all about having fun, so why not experiment with nostalgic accessories like fuzzy rugs and pillows, novelty phones, and lava lamps?

Daisy Jones and The Six
This retro aesthetic is recognisable by its warm, saturated colour palette, as well as curved, organic shapes and boho patterns like paisley. So, when incorporating this style into your home, a great place to start is to create a colour wheel that features all the shades and hues you’d likely see in a classic 70s home, such as Billy and Camila’s love shack or the band’s shared house. Typically, this includes warm, earthy, and often muted shades such as ochre or mustard yellow, chocolate brown, olive green, powder blue, or rusted orange.

Curved countertops, breakfast islands, or dining chairs can create a beautifully 70s-inspired kitchen while retaining a modern edge. However, if you’re redecorating on a budget, adding smaller pieces of décor like houseplants, wall art, and crockery can be a fun way to channel the Daisy Jones aesthetic without any major investments.

The Mandalorian
Futuristic yet also inspired by classic American Westerns, you can emulate the Mandalorian’s otherworldly atmosphere by balancing cool tones like muted blue and gunmetal grey with warm, sandy beiges. You may even lean into the futuristic theme by investing in sleek, high-tech appliances such as smart fridges that tell you when you’re running low on produce!

A key element of industrial design is combining metal components with durable materials like leather, so reclaimed pieces like metal bar stools can make a great addition to your kitchen. Complement these with shabby chic fittings in chrome or brass, such as pendant lights or stripped metal cooker hoods, and add some extra personality and a pop of colour with details like hammered copper pans on display hooks above the stove.

The Little Mermaid
The hashtag ‘mermaidcore’ has already amassed 179 million views on TikTok, with users creating makeup looks, outfits, and home décor that celebrates this coastal, ultra-feminine aesthetic. This trend borrows core elements from its predecessor, the ‘coastal grandmother’ style, which itself has over 380 million views on the video platform. These elements include plenty of natural light, high–quality, natural materials, and a soft, nautical-inspired palette, but mermaidcore adds a more whimsical, youthful twist with pastel shades of lavender, blue, and pink.

To experiment with this style in your own home, look out for décor with scalloped edges, sea-foam colour palettes like turquoise and teal, and anything that features a shimmery, pearlescent material. While natural accessories like shells, driftwood, or sea glass are a no-brainer, you can also bring elegant touches to rooms like the kitchen with fish-scale tiles or ocean-inspired crockery.

Queen Charlotte
In contrast to the ‘quiet luxury’ trend gaining traction in the fashion industry, this ornate, maximalist aesthetic is all about creating lavish, traditional interiors to make your home feel like your castle.
To create interiors that Charlotte herself would be proud of, try experimenting with rich jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and burgundy, adding pastels like baby pink or powder blue for some brightness. Regency design was full of vibrant colour palettes, and these can make excellent base colours for cupboards and countertops, or furniture like dining chairs.

When picking out tables, dressers, or cabinets, opt for classic, vintage pieces made of solid wood for a Regency feel — you can even get crafty and swap modern-looking taps, doorknobs, and cupboard handles to ornate gold or brass fittings. Elaborate wallpaper, fresh flowers, and luxurious soft furnishings made with velvet or silk will help you add finishing touches fit for a Queen!

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