Infrared Heating – Your Questions Answered

What is infrared heating and what are the advantages of the technology in household heating systems? We asked the expert from Herschel to explain

How does infrared heating work?

Infrared heaters are electric heaters that turn electricity into radiant heat. Radiant heat is nothing new, it’s the same comfortable warmth you feel from the sun or a fireplace, or even given off by your own body. Infrared heaters transfer heat directly to surfaces and objects in a room rather than heating the air as traditional convection heaters do. Once heated, the objects in the room will retain infrared heat and slowly release it into the room, saving energy and allowing for a more comfortable temperature. Infrared is commonly used in the wellness sector in saunas and hot yoga studios, it is considered a more natural form of heating given its fresher, non-stuffy feeling.

Is infrared heating efficient and economical?

Herschel infrared heaters present a very attractive heating solution in terms of efficiency and being economical to run. As well as having a low capital cost, infrared heaters are maintenance free and are quick and simple to install. In operation, Herschel heaters save energy because of the thermal, storage properties of radiant infrared heat and no wasted energy from heating air.

Is infrared heating eco-friendly?

Given the urgent need to lower carbon emissions there is a major push in the UK to change the way we heat our homes, to use renewable sources and move away from fossil fuels. Electric heating is carbon free when powered by green, renewable energy tariffs and Herschel infrared heating provides a simple electric heating solution that is highly efficient to run. Infrared heaters use solid state components, avoiding the need for regular, costly maintenance checks, and are made from non-rust metals with a high useful recyclability content. Infrared heaters are an environmentally friendly heating solution for all homeowners looking to lower their carbon footprint.

Ceiling mounted Herschel infrared panels provide the ideal space-saving electric heating solution

Is infrared a good solution for homes?

Infrared heating gives a real opportunity to run an environmentally friendly home and help reduce your carbon footprint in the fight against climate change. Not only are infrared heaters low energy and more efficient than traditional convection heaters, as they are electric heaters they can also be run completely carbon zero when paired with a clean energy tariff or renewables. If you’re looking to do your bit for the environment while having a sleek, stylish and effective heating solution for your home, look no further than Herschel Infrared. The perfect space-saving heating solution that minimises disruption on install and provides comfortable, non-stuffy warmth for homes from a range of sleek and stylish heater designs.

Are infrared heaters good for bathrooms?

Herschel Infrared heaters are the ideal heating solution for bathrooms as the radiant technology warms the walls and surfaces, without warming the air. This helps to eliminate moisture and reduce the problems of damp and condensation. With a range of finishes and sizes to choose from, heating a bathroom has never been simpler. Why not choose from Herschel’s range of mirror heaters, which remain steam-free when on or alternatively a contemporary glass towel heater – featuring the latest dual-element technology to heat your bathroom and warm your towels? Herschel’s customers love the feeling of warmth when stepping out their showers to the feeling of radiant warmth. White infrared panels can be ceiling-mounted where space is limited.

Bathroom heating solutions from Herschel including towel heaters and mirror heaters

Are infrared heaters available in a choice of colours and designs?

Infrared heating has so many benefits, one of the most obvious being the vast choice of styles and finishes available. Herschel has the broadest range of infrared heaters on the market created to cater for all types and sizes of spaces and applications. Herschel provides customers with a choice of both budget and style with a focus on providing customers with the best heating solution to fit their needs.

Herschel has several panel ranges which are ultra-slim heaters designed to heat rooms and domestic environments, available in a selection of discreet finishes to blend in with interiors as well as stylish finishes to complement decor. The Select XLS range is available in white, as a mirror or even a contemporary towel heater to add the perfect finish to any bathroom. Our Inspire range is available in a discreet white finish, in a mirror or glass finish, as a blackboard, or you can even customise your panel with any image you wish and print it onto our Inspire Infrared picture panel.
In addition to panels heaters Herschel also has designer space heaters which can be used for heating both indoor and outdoor spaces. Available in a number of stylish finishes, colours and wattages, Herschel caters for all heating requirements.

Beautiful Herschel Inspire personalised picture panels

How long do infrared heaters last?

Herschel infrared heaters are built to last a lifetime. Utilising solid state technology and requiring zero maintenance, they have a long operational life. All Herschel heaters come with a warranty of up to 10 years, meaning they’re an incredibly long-lasting solution to heating your home.

Are infrared heaters difficult to fit? Where do I find an installer?

Infrared heaters are easy to install and only require the provision of an electricity supply making them a quick installation solution. Herschel has a number of different heater options including portable heaters as well as wall and ceiling-mounting options. Depending on the range and style, some Herschel infrared heaters can be DIY-installed whilst others must be professionally installed by a qualified electrician. Instructions are provided so your own electrician can simply install your heaters or,
alternatively, Herschel has a network of accredited installers that can help to install infrared heaters. Find out more information here.

What’s the history of Herschel?

The name Herschel Infrared comes from the German astronomer Sir William Herschel, who was responsible for discovering infrared heat in 1800 by simply noticing a change in temperature on a section of the light spectrum using a thermometer. Since being founded in 2013, Herschel Infrared has become a world leading global manufacturer and supplier of infrared heaters, with production in Germany, Ireland and the Far East.
Operating in the UK, across Europe and as far as the Southern hemisphere the Herschel brand is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, authority and customer service.

Where do I find out more about Herschel?

You can find all the information relative to Herschel on their website The website showcases the entire product range and which heaters are recommended for different applications. It includes a handy calculator which details how many heaters you need and the different designs to choose from. Case studies provide inspiration from previous Herschel projects and give a greater understanding of who Herschel are as a company.

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