In Sync: Bathroom Innovations

From singing shower heads to smart scales, we explore technological innovations for your bathroom.

It wasn’t too long ago that that bathrooms were purely functional spaces: damp, chilly rooms where you got in and out as fast as possible. Today, however, they have changed considerably—bathrooms are now treated more as living spaces; places to pamper yourself and take time out from day-to-day life. With that in mind, technological innovations designed to make your time in the bathroom enjoyable are more advanced than ever.

Singing in the rain

Today, having a shower can be even more of a luxurious experience than taking a bath, thanks to the wealth of clever tech and luxury features you can take advantage of.
Double showers are a set up that consists of an oversized rain shower and separate handset and are expected to be especially popular in 2016. Chic and streamlined, they offer a customisable shower, and by placing multiple shower heads on the ceilings and one or more walls you are able to play around with different water pressures.
For those who want to perfect their singing in the shower abilities, you can now get showerheads with inbuilt wireless speakers that sync with Bluetooth-enabled devices, like Kohler’s Moxie shower head and wireless speaker, from £193. (

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Light up, light up

Imaginative lighting in the bathroom can be a tricky prospect when it comes to mixing electricity and water—that is unless you use LED lighting, which has become increasingly popular in homes thanks to their low energy usage and versatility. Coloured LED lighting in a bathroom instantly alters the look and mood of a space. Alternatively, opt for a futuristic LED illuminated bathtub. We’re especially keen on the Dip Chromotherapy Tub by Aquamass, $8,375.25. (

Squeaky Clean

The perpetual annoyance of having to wipe foggy mirrors in a bathroom, only to leave streaks on the glass, is now easily avoidable thanks to the latest anti-steam devices. Cheap and easy to install, mirror defoggers transmit gentle warmth across a mirror’s surface, preventing moisture from collecting on the mirror service. Mirror-Heaters has plenty of options, starting from £19.99. (

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Smart Scales

Today, weighing yourself extends far beyond merely stepping on the scales and wincing at the number on the dial. A new breed of scales can track all manner of stats, including your body fat percentage, BMI (Body Mass Index) and heart rate. It can even plot your progress on your smart phone and fitness band to help you keep track of your health. If you’re interested in buying, try Fitbit’s Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, at £99.99. (

Eco Conscious

From low-flow showerheads and toilets to LED lighting, there are plenty of ways to be a little more environmentally conscious in the bathroom. We’re especially intrigued by the Water Pebble ($12.99;, a nifty little programmable device that measures and memorises the amount of water that you use, letting you know when you’re halfway through a shower and when you should be finishing up in the bathroom.

The best of the rest

Other high tech bathroom gadgets include waterproof TVs, so you can get your morning news fix while you shower, hands-free faucets, toilets that clean themselves and warming drawers that keep your towels warm and cosy.

Eco-conscious and cost-effective showers

Manual mixer showers, where the hose and spray come out of a wall unit and there’s a temperature control that mixes the hot and cold water supply, is a popular and cost effective option, while electric showers—essentially a water heater that rapidly heats cold water as it flows towards the shower head, are also economical as you only heat the water you need.
Choosing the right showerhead can really help you cut down on water consumption. An aerating showerhead, for example, mixes water with air, reducing the overall amount of water required.

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