Improve your garden: Add a water feature

A good water feature can make a stunning centrepiece and add a touch of class to any garden. Want to find out more? Here are some ideas you could consider:

Outdoor fountains:

We’ve all seen and admired a fountain or two at some point whether it be in someone else’s garden or at a historical building, they’re popular everywhere.   But have you ever considered one for yourself?  A fountain could fit perfectly into your garden and doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive – a fountain pump, a suitable ceramic pot (waterproofed and able to hold at least 2 or 3 gallons of water) and an electricity source are all you need for a basic jar fountain that will look beautiful amongst your plants.  However if you prefer something more ostentatious there’s plenty of options out there to suit every taste.


Ponds are tranquil and appealing, especially when used to showcase colourful fish, flowers and other aquatic life.  You could choose to have a simple circular or kidney shaped pond with water lilies, or go further and add a stream, stepping stones and a waterfall.  When you bring it back to basics the key components of a pond are the hole in the ground lined with rubber, some tubing and a pump that’ll need a power supply.  A pond is simple to build (although the digging can be quite labour intensive) and can be as understated or elaborate as you wish.

Pond in a box:

If you don’t fancy the digging or don’t feel you have space to have a normal pond, why not consider a pond in a box instead? 
You’ll need a wooden raised flower bed box or be prepared to cut up cedar wood planks to make a box shape for your pond, material to line it (specialist pond liner is preferable especially if you wish to keep fish in there, but otherwise rubber sealant will do), a fountain pump and any stones, decorations or aquatic plants that you want to add.  Simply assemble the box, seal the interior, install the fountain pump and add your decorations and water.  This is a very quick and cheap alternative to a pond and will work particularly well in smaller or paved gardens, or on your patio.

A birdbath is not only a beautiful addition to any garden, but will attract birds and in doing so can provide a whole host of other benefits as after bathing birds will hunt for food (often unwanted critters and insects), aerate soil, and groom dead plant material as well as provide additional interest for birdwatchers.  A birdbath can be a simple shallow concrete bowl, raised on a pedestal or a fully ornate affair – it’s completely up to you how fancy you go.  Just remember to prune back shrubs around the bath and to change the water regularly.

Don’t forget …

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