Hula hooping

Once a childhood activity, hula hooping is now a fitness trend popular among adults who have started to recognise the many health benefits from this full-body workout

Hoop-dance is a ‘low impact’ aerobic exercise that doesn’t just use the waist, as one would naturally assume. There are numerous routines that can be learned from hooping or hoop-dance classes, which is not only an excellent form of exercise but the skills required can develop hand-to-eye co-ordination and spatial awareness, not to mention improving your timing and rhythm. In comparison to a child’s hula hoop, an adult’s is much larger and heavier measuring at 40 inches in diameter (for beginners) and weighing around one and a half pounds.

Who should take up hula hooping?
Hula hooping exercise is for those generally want to have some fun during their workout. There are no age restrictions either as some classes have seen adults in their 70s participating. Because of its many health benefits people who are looking to lose weight, strengthen core muscles, and improve their fitness and flexibility should consider hooping. In fact, it’s so effective in weight loss a study in the U.S. showed that hooping burns off between 50 and 100 calories every 10 minutes, averaging around 420 calories per hour. Due to its size and weight the hoop is also perfect for those looking to flatten their stomachs. Travelling at 60 to 80 times per minute it massages the tummy and waist, breaking down fat cells as it does so.

What are the benefits?
As well as the weight loss and the trim and toning already outlined, hooping improves flexibility due to the all over body and arm exercise, which helps to improve suppleness; strengthens the core muscles and the lower spine, which naturally helps to improve your posture; because it is such a fun activity, classes tend to generate a lot of positive feeling and laughter, thus reducing stress.

How much does it cost?
Classes are usually as little as £5 or less for an hour session, ideal for those on a budget. Then once some of the routines have been mastered people will be able to invest in their own hula hoop and workout at home for free! Find out more by visiting

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