How’s Your Heart Health?

Your heart is arguably the most important muscle in your body – it keeps your body running. In fact, any issue with your heart, no matter how small, may end up having a significant impact on other areas of your health.

With 7.4 million people in the UK living with heart or circulatory disease*, it’s important to keep heart health at the forefront of your medical awareness.

Heart disease has a huge impact on the UK, socially and economically. It is responsible for 27% of all deaths*, and costs £9 billion in healthcare expenses each year. Luckily, the advancements in digital health and medical technology have made checking in on your heart from the comfort of home possible and quick.

Frequent monitoring

Have you ever felt unexplained shortness of breath or heart palpitations? Experiencing issues with your heart can be scary and leave you feeling uneasy. But, what if you could check your heart health anywhere, anytime to give you peace of mind?

For heart conditions like arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), timing and consistency really matter. How often you experience an irregular heart rhythm is a major indicator for the type of condition you may have, making it easier for a doctor to provide treatment. Many people with arrhythmias have a hard time getting a diagnosis because they may not be experiencing an irregular heart event at the time they visit the doctor.

But thankfully, new technologies are being developed that help you monitor your heart health frequently and on your own time.

Proactive care

Digital health provides an easier way to monitor your health on your own, without a trip to the doctor’s office. Of course, serious issues should be handled and diagnosed by your doctor in person, but there are some healthy habits you can form on your own – like implementing a heart-healthy diet, exercising regularly or monitoring your heart rate. Modern technology has made this simpler, with apps and devices that help you track your progress and activity, share with others, or send to your doctor. It may give you the ability and motivation to take a more proactive role in your health, which can make all the difference.

The future of heart health

With investments in digital health and medical technology, the way people, physicians and patients approach heart health is changing. Modern technology allows a more frequent, proactive and accessible environment, whether you’re looking to prevent heart disease down the road or working to treat it.

AliveCor’s KardiaMobile

Thanks to modern technology like AliveCor’s KardiaMobile – a medical-grade ECG that fits in your pocket – you can record your irregular heart rhythm at the time it’s happening and send the data to your doctor for review.

With KardiaMobile, monitoring your heart’s activity can be done daily, on-the-go and in just 30 seconds. The more frequently you monitor your heart health, the more likely you are to catch an issue early if it arises.

It’s clear that monitoring your heart is important to your overall health. Take proactive steps to monitoring your heart health by tracking your heart rate, exercising regularly and following a heart-healthy diet. Learn more about AliveCor’s KardiaMobile to get started living a more heart-conscious lifestyle.

*Source: British Heart Foundation (

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