How Toys Can Support Your Child’s Social and Cognitive Skills

The first year of a baby’s life is a vital stage for learning and development. It’s a time for interaction and communication as they start to build social and developmental skills. Toys that can support stimulate cognitive skills will be important tools for children to start learning key skills from a young age.

Smart Toys and Games is the worldwide leader in creating multi-level logic games, catering for children as young as one up to all ages and stages. All Smart Toys and Games feature engaging and educational mechanics. The whole brand ethos is to encourage children to “learn through play”.  The brand ensures every toy is colourful, durable and designed with a unique theme to delight the infant, and to create lots of happy memories.

With so many different brands and options on the market, parents are looking for toys that stand out and withstand the test of time. They are looking for well made, durable, cleverly designed toys that are engaging. Babies like toys that are colourful and creative. It’s also important that toys help develop key skills, have an educational element, are good value for money and most importantly are safe!

For the youngest members of the family, there’s SmartMax, the award-winning pre-school magnetic construction system, which allows children aged 1 year+ the chance to explore the fascinating world of magnetism in a fun and safe way. My First Totem is the newest set to the collection and it’s just beenrecognised for three Loved By Parents Awards, including Platinum for ‘Best Construction Toy 1-3yrs’ and ‘Best Stimulative Toy 1-3yrs’.  With a new and creative approach this year, the ‘My First’ Totem set features 8 colourful magnetic building blocks, with different sounds, styles and textures. Little ones can combine the sensory blocks to build the coolest totem; or follow one of the 24 fun challenges.

For ages 2 +, tots can explore the fascinating world of three dimensions with Bunny Boo. Is the rabbit looking through the round hole or through the star-shaped one? Is it standing on top of the yellow, red or blue block? Solve all 60 challenges (from easy to hard) or just play with it as a wooden toy to learn about concepts such as above/below, left/right, inside/outside, visible/hidden.

For ages 3 +, discover the magic of classic fairytales with the ‘Once Upon a Time’ collection which features Three Little Piggies. ‘Three Little Piggies’ is a lovely brain teasing game; where children will be intrigued by the way the piggies fit inside the houses and look through the windows to escape the wolf. Having already received a Right Start Best Toy Awards, this educational and exciting game is a huge hit!

Children as young as 4 will love Camelot Jr, where they can arrange beautiful hardwood towers and stairs to create the path for a knight and his princess to be reunited! The knight and princess can only walk up stairways or along the top of walls and they cannot jump down or climb up walls. With 48 challenges to complete, little ones will love this brain teasing fun!

Children aged 5+ will enjoy an interactive trip to the farm with Smart Games’ Smart Farmer. It is an important job being the farmer, especially at this farm where the animals are in chaos! The Pigs, Sheep, Horses and Cows are making a big mess and need to be separated, but the player will need to give this some thought as there are only 3 simple fences to divide the field into separate meadows. Help by placing the fences so the animals each get their own space, and, don’t forget about the animal’s water – they each need their own supply.

Speaking about the importance of choosing and investing in educational toy and games for toddlers, Karen Clarke, Brand Director at Smart Toys and Games said:

“There is a growing desire and preference by many parents towards toys that support young children’s early years development and at Smart Toys & Games, we are committed to creating new and engaging games that will appeal to all ages and interests.

She continued: “It’s amazing watching a child’s development as they are continuously learning. At Smart Toys and Games, we are passionate about creating toys and games that help develop skills and create mental learning opportunities through fun and play. Every game features a different learning mechanism. For example, developing vision, hand-eye coordination, cognitive language, motor skills, spatial awareness, concentration, creativity and imagination, as well as aspects that allow children to learn how to problem solve or learn to engage with others.”

This feature is brought to you by Smart Toys and Games

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