How to Save When Shopping Online

Spending a lot when shopping online can be easy—especially with all the options out there available with just the click of a button. However, shopping online can also be a great way to scout the best deals if you plan accordingly. Here we look into how cashback can help you save when shopping online as well as other easy ways to be thrifty when buying on the web

So, what is cashback and how can you save when shopping online in the process of buying everyday products?

The experts at Money-Mate explain that there are many online tools available allowing you to create an account and earn a small percentage on purchased items. Depending on where you claim cashback, the percentage could be larger, potentially enabling you to earn more when buying an item.

What is cashback?

Cashback is a reward system whereby, when you buy any item online, you can receive a small percentage back. Credit cards also use cashback reward systems to encourage people to use their card often or go through the credit card’s website to purchase items.

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Ways you can save on online purchases

As well as buying from cashback sites, there are simple tips you can incorporate in your shopping that will gradually up your savings.

Special offers aren’t so great

Do your research and keep focused on what you need rather than what’s on offer. Make sure to plan and compile a list throughout the year of anything you have been looking out for this sale season. Shop around and find the best deals without falling into the trap of special offers. Especially when shopping from supermarkets, special offers can encourage you to spend more money for things you may not need. The best way to spend less is to look for offers or discount prices for items you truly need.

Reward cards and cashback credit cards

A great way to save online is through using store reward cards or cashback reward programs from credit card companies. Depending on the type of reward program you can save on things like travel through getting air miles, and shopping through gaining points.

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Cashback websites

Cashback websites work whereby instead of buying an item straight from the retailer’s website, you buy it from the cashback website. The website will receive commission from the retailer, and a small percentage is then shared with the shopper for buying the product.

‘Cashback sites usually work by placing a value on your data. You’re a valuable commodity and they hope that by offering you a few pence, they’ll receive your details and their partners will be able to sell to you again and again. Every time you click on an ad on site, the company receives a commission, you usually receive about 0.01 percent of this’, the experts at Money-Mate explain.

This does not seem like much and sometimes you may not see a gain until after 6 months, so it is best to research the types of cashback websites that offer more for your buck. Cashback websites such as Money-Mate and Quidco offer these services. Money-Mate offers a slight twist, being the retailer, they are able to give higher commissions when making a purchase and also when you refer a friend. To add they’ll renew the cashback year on year including those referred.

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Use Codes and coupons strategically

Especially during the festive season and after Black Friday, there are still deals lingering on websites, from clothing to grocery stores. To ensure you get the best deals, plan ahead on necessity items that can be bought in bulk and save you money. Use voucher codes strategically to ensure you reap the best deals: websites such as Extreme Couponing UK have a range of the latest coupons and deals on a daily basis.

Subscribe to emails and social media alerts

If you don’t mind receiving newsletters from online stores, then subscribing to their newsletters is a great way to keep on top of new deals and discounts before they hit the web. Another way to get more discounts sent to your email is to put what you want to buy in your basket and then leave it there for a while. The hope is that they will send you and email reminding you that you have items in your basket, offering you at least a 10 percent discount as an incentive to buy. If you want to keep on top of deals as soon as they come out, check the company’s social media accounts, particularly Facebook and Twitter, as they tend to post limited-time discounts and maybe even some seasonal competitions.

Our thanks to Money Mate, for their assistance with this article. Money-Mate work on a similar principal to cashback sites but instead of them receiving the commission from your shopping, you do instead. Money-Mate offers a range of everyday products such as home insurance, broadband, gadget insurance, iPhone handsets, business energy, health insurance and much more.

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