How to Look Stylish When Nursing

Discover breastfeeding-friendly fashion advice in this helpful style guide.

Breastfeed with ease and nurse in style

Gone are the days when breastfeeding mums had to wear baggy t-shirts for the entire day. Transitioning from maternity to breastfeeding clothes doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. We prepared a quick guide of the best designs of nursing clothing for mums who are considering breastfeeding. Well-cut nursing clothes will flatter and provide the best nursing access for you to feed your baby anytime, anywhere.

You can breastfeed with ease and nurse in style!

Most new mums start their breastfeeding journey with obligatory midwife recommendations of a nightie, with an open front and a nursing bra. However, they are desperate to find something not only practical but also fashionable.

First of all, it is worth remembering while breastfeeding you will be tugging your top numerous times to gain access. Therefore, it is essential to choose a top that has at least two percent elastane or stretch content in the material composition, so that it retains its shape. Moreover, so it will not lose its shape after washing.

Regular clothes with added benefits for breastfeeding mums

Since breastfeeding in public is no longer shameful, there is a growing demand from mums for fashionable clothes with concealed nursing solutions. Nursing tops should fit well and flatter the post-natal figure so you can breastfeed your baby while feeling comfortable and looking fabulous.

The best of them look just like your regular clothes, but feature secret openings, concealed by easy pull up or drop-down panels with a clever double layer offering plenty of space for access to the breast, allowing mums to feed discreetly if they’re feeling self-conscious.

The ultimate secret nursing access can be concealed with a little help from zips hidden on the sides, drop-cup clip fastening, as well as button-down or clip styles, which are easy to open with one hand.

Nursing in the cold

In order to face colder days or evenings, designers came up with maternity cotton sweatshirts, inventive fleece baby carriers with kangaroo baby pocket and concealed side zips allowing breastfeeding wherever you are. Bear in mind that it doesn’t replace a baby carrier, wrap or sling; make sure baby is secure at all times.

Nursing on the go

For nursing on the go, choose a versatile shawl or poncho—perfect for any occasion. You can drape it elegantly over your outfit and fasten at the shoulder to wear it as a chic poncho, or as a stylish nursing scarf to complement your look. A truly must-have accessory—show off your style!

Nursing for formal occasions

Can you imagine breastfeeding at a wedding or a family event where all the guests are dressed in suits and smart dresses? Most probably, you would excuse yourself from the party to find a private place to strip out of your regular dress to breastfeed.

How about a dress with concealed openings on the side, or a clever pull up panel, so you could continue to enjoy the fun? Nowadays, there is a variety of dresses and smart shirts offered by a number of small designers who actually listen and respond to the expectations of breastfeeding mums. One of the latest solutions is a shift dress with a handy back pleat allowing for extra manoeuvrability. You rock, mama! 

Among all the brands present on the market, Happy Mama Brand offers collections designed to make mums’ lives easier because they deserve the best! Our designers are outstanding and have the power to work hard to make all the mamas happy by offering ultra-comfortable and easy-to-wear clothes with ingenious breastfeeding solutions hidden in regular looking clothing from underwear to outerwear!


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