How to Heat a Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are increasingly popular, creating space without the hassle of moving house. But they present some technical problems, such as how to fit heating into what are sometimes restricted or unconventionally shaped wall spaces, such as angled walls and sloped ceilings. Whether your loft conversion is to be used as a home office, an extra bedroom with ensuite bathroom or a gaming room, electric heating panels are the popular answer to heating a loft conversion, and because they are available in a range of shapes, they can manage with a wide range of conversion designs.

The products here are all available from The Radiator Centre.

Long & Low

One solution is to opt for a long, low horizontal style of radiator, such as those shown below. These fit brilliantly on dwarf walls under sloped ceilings in a loft conversion and there are some great options available to choose from in both traditional and contemporary styles. The BDO25 pictured directly below is a great example of a new breed of horizontal towel rails. Formed of 25mm round tubes set on 35mm vertical collectors it gives great heat outputs due to its surface area.

Pictured: BDO25 towel rail from £224.28.

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Tall & Narrow

In areas where the wall height is greater, the overall space is often still limited and in these cases a vertical option such as the Arcadia, below, may be the answer. Featuring oval tubes aligned in an aesthetically pleasing formation, the Arcadia is a sleek and stylish model, perfect for contemporary interiors. The Arcadia can also be hung horizontally when needed in a loft conversion and is available in a wide range of RAL colour as well as a choice of 17 special finishes such as historic gold, silver or copper, for those wanted to add some metallic shine to their renovation.

Arcadia designer radiator from £160.08

Ideal for tight spaces in en-suites, the new Teso is a designer towel rail that provides all of the functionality you would expect from a conventional towel rail such as storage, drying and hanging, without looking anything like the standard models of the past.

As with the Arcadia, this elegant design can also be hung horizontally and comes in a myriad of colours. Customers can choose to pick a contrasting or matching colour for the handle, depending on personal taste and how much of a statement they wish to make.

Teso from £1058.64

The Mirrored Choice

The SuperMirror seen below is another fantastic choice for a loft conversion as it’s not only tall and narrow making it perfect for awkward spaces, but its highly polished stainless steel surface means it also reflects light around the room, making the space feel larger than it actually is. Featuring a hidden valve system, it is so convincing as a mirror, the SuperMirror will leave your guests guessing as to whether it really is a radiator at all.

SuperMirror designer radiator from £1009.20

Floor-standing Options

Where wall space simply isn’t an option at all, a floor standing design is a good choice. As the name suggests, the Old Skool Bench pictured below combines functional heating with a practical seat in the form of a solid oak bench.

Old Skool Bench from £948.02

Other possibilities include energy-saving designs such as the Mini Fixed Feet. Utilising LowH20 technology with the super conductive and ultra-fast heat exchanger, the Mini Fixed Feet gives maximum heat, for minimum energy consumption. It comes in a choice of 4 heights, 4 depths and lengths of up to 2.6m, allowing customers to choose just the size needed for their space, with the smallest option starting at just 80mm high. Alternatively, for those looking for a more retro design, consider the floor-standing Vienna, shown below. Comprised of multiple discs, it gives the impression of old records stacked in a jukebox.

Vienna radiator from £2898.13

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