How to Choose The Best Three-in-One Travel System Pushchair

Buying a three-in-one travel system pushchair is one of the most important steps when preparing for your baby’s arrival. However, it doesn’t have to be the most difficult one.

First of all, what is a three-in-one travel system, and what do you get?

A travel system is generally a set consisting of three main components—the stroller, the carrycot and the car seat.

Sometimes, you get extra accessories as part of the system and other times you have the option of purchasing additional items.

In most circumstances, the three main components can be clicked onto a main pushchair frame so you can comfortably wheel the system around or simply take one component off the frame and swap it with another.

All the main parts can be easily attached to the frame and then removed when necessary. You can easily store components away in your home and choose whatever components are needed at any specific time.

It’s also handy when it comes to traveling by car, as you can easily detach the car seat from the frame and secure it in your car without having to take baby out of the car seat, this is great if baby is asleep.

Safety first!

Before deciding on what travel system is right for you, ensure to first check the safety standards and whether the system has the correct certifications, if you are in Europe, a pushchair must adhere to European safety standard certifications EN1888 & ECE R44/04 for the car seat.

What about the wheels?

Another important factor to think about before purchasing a travel system is how much walking you plan to do. Where do you live, a rural or urban location? Will you be walking around in parks or supermarkets with your baby? Will you try to do brisk fitness walks? All these factors come into play when deciding on a system that caters for you and your baby’s needs.

If you plan on doing long walks on flat surfaces or do a lot of shopping, we suggest an urban style travel system. With smaller wheels to the front and rear, urban travel systems are easy to manoeuvre along narrow areas and lighter to lift up kerbs etc.

For long parkland walks or even rougher terrain, we would suggest something with larger wheels, possibly air filled for extra suspension and with good quality rubber tires for grip. Large air filled wheels have excellent grip and suspension, perfect for getting around on almost any surface.

Make sure it’s comfortable for your babybut also for you

Comfort is so important for your baby, so make sure the system you purchase has really cosy internal fabrics, check if the fabric is fully breathable and soft, while durable and easy to wash.

Some travel systems come with an extra liner for the stroller which can help add warmth, but also add a layer of padding, which helps baby nod off easier and more comfortably. Make sure the seat can recline enough to allow baby to fall asleep.

Being able to swap the seat front forward facing to parent facing is also a really good feature in any system. A foot apron is also something important to look for as these help shelter your baby from harsh wind while out walking. Also, ensure the system comes with a raincover; these are essential to keep baby safe from the rain and they act as a great wind shield too.

When you are happy that your baby will be as comfy as possible, why not see if there is enough comfort for yourself, as you will be the one pushing the system. Indeed, raincovers, foot covers and stroller liners are just as important as leather handlebar covers, which are really comfortable to hold.

Tips: Try to get a system that has enough handle height for you and anyone else who will be pushing the system. Try get a system that includes a peekaboo window to check on baby while the seat is in forward facing direction.

A perfect travel system should be easy to fold and fit into your car without any trouble. Make sure you check the dimensions of the pram and of the boot of your car before making your purchase.

What else should you consider?

Features like shopping baskets should also be considered when buying a travel system. This becomes very handy when it comes to day-to-day shopping or storing your jacket in case of a bad weather.

Also, look for things like an easy click brake so you can park up the system with ease. It’s also important to check what accessories are included with the travel system. If connecting the travel system car seat to your car seems too daunting, then make sure the car seat can work with an Isofix base. This allows you to take the car seat off the frame and click it into a base in your car much quicker than having to connect the car seat in with the seat belt.

And of course, the design

What’s your favourite colour? What colour of the frame would you prefer? What are the latest trends? It’s important to love the design of your travel system, as it’s something you will be using every day.

Also stick to a budget

Another extremely important factor to consider is your budget. Don’t be swayed into thinking the most expensive is the best. A lot of well-known brands are really expensive but don’t have nearly the same level of value you might get if you purchased a lesser-known brand.

Just make sure whatever you choose has the correct certifications as pointed out earlier and don’t be misled into buying the most expensive.

Infababy have a range of prices that can cater for most parents and their systems are packed with added extras for peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Now you are ready to shop for your perfect travel system. Make sure to check out the amazing selection of award winning Infababy® travel systems on their newly designed website where you will definitely find something to suit you and your baby’s needs. Infababy travel systems are now loved by thousands of Mums across the UK.

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