How Kitchen Design is Setting the Style

As the kitchen becomes the heart of many homes, technology, design and style are leaping forward. We asked the experts from Kutchenhaus to clue us in

How has the approach to using the kitchen changed in the last few years?

We’re not seeing the open-plan movement lose any pace. A large percentage of our clients are achieving open-plan spaces by extending their homes and creating larger communal spaces for the kitchen. This requires the kitchen to be more than just a functional space for cooking but also an aesthetic feature of the home.

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People require more from their kitchen so suppliers and designers are finding clever ways to build more functionality into the kitchens without the compromise on style. Sliding doors to conceal utility rooms, wireless charging built into worktops to avoid the need for unsightly cables and a heavy focus on automation from the appliance suppliers is at the forefront of new advances.

What are the current trends in kitchen colours and styles?

Current trends are building on the last few years’ movement towards dark and dramatic colours. Gone are the days of whitewashing everything including your kitchen. Dark moody tones are becoming not just popular but are seeping into the mainstream.

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Influenced by popular artisan shops, restaurants and businesses, dark and stylish tones are creeping into consumers’ homes with different subcategories and sub-styles, from industrial concrete and stone effects to the modern and crisp black and graphite colours.

What are some recent innovations in kitchen technology?

Wireless charging integrated into worktops, and smart appliances that you can control via voice command, or remotely via an app. For the person who wants their coffee to be ready and waiting for them downstairs when they get out of bed, or in a rush and want the oven to preheat whilst you’re stuck in traffic on the way home? No problem.

Kutchenhaus kitchen blacker

Rustic, modern, or traditional, which is right for me?

While previously consumers would be led by the style of property, this is no longer the case. Extended period properties that give a feel of open-plan living will be just as well suited with a sleek handleless German kitchen alongside the period features of the property as it would be a more traditional style of kitchen.

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What are my choices in worktop materials?

Product advances are continually improving the choice for consumers based on their use of the kitchen, design, budget and taste. Kutchenhaus laminate worktops are produced from a water-resistant material allowing the premium look of flush-mounted sinks and hobs on a budget.

For those that prefer the look and feel of natural stone, granite or quartz are still the most popular choices but each have their limitations.

For an almost indestructible work surface, the relative newcomer ceramic is by far the best option, and for those that want to push the limits of a product with seamless joins and intricate details, resin-based materials like Corian still come up trumps.

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Can I get appliances to match my kitchen?

Whether you opt for integrated appliances or freestanding, the colour choices of appliances are increased drastically from the historic standard black glass and stainless steel to trendy graphite grey and white, to tie in perfectly with whatever style of kitchen you prefer.

How can lighting enhance my kitchen?

Clever lighting can make a huge difference to the feel of a space. At Kutchenhaus we use integrated lights, expertly crafted to fit flush in the kitchen cabinetry to enhance the feel of the kitchen, whether that be a light and “Scandi” style, or a moody and dramatic room set that requires feature lighting to amplify the theme.

Use lighting to draw attention to features and aspects of your kitchen design, whether that’s open shelf units, illuminated handleless rail, or backlit shelving. If you want to mix it up further you can use voice control lighting to change the mood, brightness or colour of the lights on your command.

How can kitchens be more environmentally friendly?

Our kitchens use PEFC approved material with all factory wastage being reused to either heat the factory or recycled into future kitchens. Use energy-efficient appliances to reduce energy consumption and opt for low usage dishwashers that can use less water than hand washing.

If your old kitchen is in good condition it can be upcycled or sold to extend the life of the cabinets and prevent landfill.

Apart from that our best advice is to ensure you’re purchasing a product that stands the test of time and will last a lifetime. Our cabinets and doors are tested for moisture and heat ensuring they can withstand the kitchen environment and they will last longer, reducing their overall carbon footprint.

kutchenhaus kitchen dulwich 2

What is the history of Kutchenhaus?

Kutchenhaus was founded by Nobilia, Europe’s largest manufacturer of kitchens. They have a network of franchise showrooms across the UK and offer a made-to-order service, producing each kitchen to the client’s exact brief.

Where can I find out more about Kutchenhaus?

Please visit or get in touch with your local Kutchenhaus showroom.

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