How I Got My Teeth Fixed in Croatia

Read Linda’s story about how she travelled from the north of England to Croatia in search of a new smile.

I have spent the last several years searching for a good dentist to fix my teeth.

Even though I have never neglected my oral health and had frequent visits with my dentist, time wore its course and left me needing complex treatment that required oral surgery as well as extensive prosthetic work.

After receiving a quote from my dentist and realizing that the cost and the length of the treatment was far more than I was willing to invest, I decided to look abroad. I went onto the internet and Googled ‘dental tourism Europe’. Among many other countries, Croatia immediately caught my attention, especially since friends and family members had spent their holidays on the Croatian coast and they all loved it.

I contacted a couple of clinics and finally my choice fell on Implant Centre Martinko in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

The initial contact was smooth and pleasant: I described what kind of treatment I had in mind and, following the instructions on their website, emailed them my dental scan. Not long after receiving their quote, I found myself booking my flight to Croatia!

My husband also accompanied me since the clinic offers free accommodation to a family member or a friend as well as the patient. We were picked up from Zagreb airport on Sunday evening, put up at a beautiful flat and I had my first visit at the dental clinic on Monday morning.

We agreed on the course of the treatment: I was to have three dental implants inserted in my lower jaw and the rest of my teeth crowned. During the first phase of my treatment, dental implants were inserted in my lower jaw by a very skilled dental surgeon. The rest of the treatment was to be done after three months, during my second visit to Croatia.

The overall experience was pain and stress free. On Tuesday, the day after my treatment, I visited the dental clinic for a check up. We spent the rest of the day sightseeing and on Wednesday morning, the clinic’s drivers took us to the airport, in time for our flight home.

As we agreed, I waited for three months for my implants to heal. By this time, I was very eager to finish my dental treatment and was very happy when the clinic informed me about my next appointment.

My husband, who was now a big fan of Croatian beer and cuisine, was also happy to come back. My second visit lasted for a full week. During this time I had appointments almost every day: they were working on my crowns and they had to be done in the best possible way!

I got to choose the colour and the shape of my ‘new teeth’ as everybody in the clinic listened patiently to my requests and went out of their way to make my visit as pleasant as possible. My treatment finished on Friday afternoon and that same evening I shared a steak dinner with my husband.

Almost a year has passed since my visit to Croatia and looking back I feel that I can absolutely recommend Implant Centre Martinko to anyone looking for not only a high quality dental treatment at a great price, but also for a clinic where the patients’ needs and possibilities are the centre of attention.

Linda Osborne, Stoke-on-Trent

At Implant Centre Martinko, we take great pride in providing an outstanding service for our patients during their visit to our dental clinic. High quality treatments combined with our excellent customer service are the reason our international patients choose to have their dental work done at our clinic and why they readily recommend us to their friends and family. If you are looking for a skilled team of dentists to give you a wonderful new smile at an affordable price, your search is over! Give us a call or send us a message to discuss your treatment plan.

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