How a Resin Bound Driveway Combines Beauty and Practicality

• What are the most popular types of driveway solution?

There are several types of driveway solution including concrete, tarmac, Indian stone, block paving, brick, cobblestones, loose gravel, pattern imprinted concrete and Resin Bound. In the last five years, the popularity of Resin Bound has increased spectacularly and it is now the fastest growing driveway solution in the UK.

• What are the advantages of a Resin Bound driveway?

Resin Bound combines beauty with practicality and offers a unique range of unrivalled benefits.

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The natural, uniform finish of Resin Bound creates instant kerb appeal. Resin Bound is available in a large range of stunning colours which can be used either individually or combined to create bespoke designs which complement properties of all ages and styles.

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Resin Bound is also a practical choice. As a permeable solution, it is SUDS compliant; essentially, that means (as long as the base is suitable) planning permission is not required. It is also easy to maintain and weed and slip resistant.

Daltex resin drive chart

• What is the difference between Resin Bound and Resin Bonded?

Resin Bound and Resin Bonded may sound similar, but they are very different.

Resin Bound involves mixing resin with dried aggregate and trowelling to leave a smooth, flat finish with no loose gravel. This results in a permeable surface which allows water to drain through.

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Resin Bonded has a textured finish and gives the appearance of loose gravel. This is achieved by spreading a layer of resin across the surface and then broadcasting aggregate into it. Resin Bonded surfaces, unlike Resin Bound, are non-porous and are not SUDS compliant.

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• Do I need planning permission for a Resin Bound driveway?

Due to climate change and increased risk of flooding, the government has introduced legislation to help manage water drainage better. SUDS are Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, and any new driveway requires planning permission unless it is SUDS compliant.

Resin Bound driveways are SUDS compliant and will not require planning permission, (as long as the sub-base is permeable, or a suitable soakaway exists).

• How much maintenance does a Resin Bound driveway require?

Daltex resin drive maintenance

The great news is that a Resin Bound driveway is low maintenance – but it does require a little attention from time to time.

Resin Bound is weed resistant – the surface does not encourage weeds to grow long roots so weeds can be easily disturbed and removed. Unwanted leaves or debris can be removed with a hard-bristle brush, and a simple jet wash will remove any weeds and dirt to leave your Resin Bound driveway looking fantastic.

• What sort of choices will I have in terms of colours and patterns?

Resin Bound is very versatile. The DALTEX range of dried aggregates can be combined into hundreds of different colour combinations. You can choose from rich, warm golds and yellows to stylish silvers and greys, from reds and blacks and greens to whites, creams and browns –  in fact, the only limit is your imagination as colours can be combined to create unique patterns, house numbers, complex shapes and even bespoke logos.

Daltex resin patterns
Download the Daltex brochure here.

• How do I know the materials used are of a high quality? What is the difference between UVR resin and non-UV resin?

Resin Bound aggregates must be clean, dry and dust free. DALTEX dried aggregates are meticulously washed and dried and screened to produce a high-quality product which delivers a beautifully consistent Resin Bound finish.

We strongly recommend that UVR (UV Resistant) resin is used. Non-UV resin is susceptible to inconsistent shading and will fade unevenly in areas that see less sunlight such as under bins, plant pots and parked cars. This can sometimes happen in as little as 2 weeks, so we feel the small premium you pay is well worth it.

The DALTEX UVR Resin Bound System has been independently certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) – the highest industry standard available.

• How long does it take to lay a Resin Bound driveway? Could I do it myself?

Timings vary depending on the area to be covered and the degree of work required to prepare the sub-base. A team of at least three is normally required and on average, around 70-150m2 is covered per day.

The appearance and performance of a Resin Bound driveway is affected by many different factors and we strongly advise you not to try installing one yourself. During installation, Resin Bound materials are sensitive to both temperature and moisture and if used incorrectly, a DIY project can quickly turn into a costly mistake.

• What should I consider when someone is quoting for a Resin Bound driveway?

If you are comparing quotes, you should ensure that the companies are quoting for the same standard of installation. In particular, you should compare the depth the Resin Bound is being laid at (we recommend a minimum of 18mm for driveways), the type of resin being used – (UVR Resistant resin is the only type of resin we recommend), and the work being undertaken (e.g. how much preparation does the sub-base require?)

It is very important a quality resin is used; resin comes in two parts (Part A and Part B) – the ratio of Part A to Part B should be approximately equal.

Costs will vary by installer and region but as a general guideline, a Resin Bound overlay will cost approximately £50-£80 per m2 (excluding any base preparation).

• Where can I find out more about DALTEX Resin Bound?

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates is one of the UK’s leading producers of aggregates and the home of DALTEX – the no 1 brand in Resin Bound.

As the manufacturer of DALTEX Resin Bound dried aggregates, we supply thousands of architects, landscapers, driveway contractors and builders across the UK every year and our materials are used to install thousands of high quality Resin Bound driveways, patios and paths.

If you need more information about Resin Bound or assistance in finding a local DALTEX Resin Bound installer, we are happy to help.

Visit for more information or call 01629 636500

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