How a packed lunch can save you money at work

A packed lunch might sound like something you left behind at school, but increasingly people are making their own food to save money and have more healthy lunch ideas for work.

With the recession hitting hard, a study carried out by cheddar brand Pilgrims Choice, found that 60 per cent of people are doing what they can to save money and that includes bringing a packed lunch from home.

Instead of forking out of lunch daily, the average customer can save up to £29 a month making his or her own lunch and bringing it to work.

However, it is not just our bank balance that benefits from home made lunches, as a new culinary trend of pimping up sandwiches can make lunchtime a more glamorous affair.

The study found that already one in five consumers added fancy fillings to make their packed lunch more exciting.

They took a look at what people did to make their lunch more interesting. Here are some of their results:
• A fifth buy more interesting bread to add the excitement factor
• Some people add olives, pesto or chili sauce
• Over 10 per cent try to replicate sandwiches that they have seen in shops

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