Houseplants That Will Brighten Up Your Home

It’s time to get back into the garden, but if you don’t have your own outdoor space to cultivate, you can still enjoy the pleasure of plants with indoor greenery.

Whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist, or anything in between, houseplants make a wonderful addition to any home, and garden centre Dobbies has announced a range with something to suit all interiors.

From tropical Monstera for added vibrancy and fun, to earthy Succulents that work in all areas of the home, Dobbies’ Senior Houseplant Buyer, Claire Bishop talks us through the new season varieties that Dobbies has launched to complement its Spring Summer 2022 themes.

Let’s Celebrate

A bold collection that celebrates the joy of being together, the new houseplants from Dobbies’ Let’s Celebrate range are in keeping with this fun theme. Claire said: “For Let’s Celebrate, we wanted to emphasise the vibrancy that houseplants bring to a home, with larger plant varieties that feature plenty of lush greenery and interesting foliage. Plants like the Monstera deliciosa and the Livistona chinensis offer wonderful texture and interest and work well in bright plant pots that bring out their colour. For a dramatic effect, style these plants in groups against a bright wall for a high summer look that will instantly elevate your interiors.”

Monstera deliciosa bush 24cm, £59.99; Alocasia zebrina in cocoz pot 11cm, £14.99; Cactus 8.5cm, £4.99; Livistona chinensis 24cm, £79.99; Piccolo plant table black 56cm, £49.99; Lisbon pot honey 11.5cm – Ivyline, £4.99; Lisbon pot honey 13.5cm – Ivyline, £5.99; Lisbon pot honey 24cm – Ivyline, £19.99

Global Fusion

For sun seekers looking to inject some summer warmth into their homes, the new plants from Dobbies’ Global Fusion collection are the perfect choice. Claire said: “Succulents are wonderful in the home year-round, but in summer work well to give your space a worldly look and feel, reminiscent of a sun-soaked sanctuary. A popular low maintenance plant, Succulents are ideal for all plant parents as they can survive in most climates and require very little maintenance and watering. Pair your Succulents with textured clay pots in earthy shades of terracotta and rust to bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your home décor.”

Succulent mix 19cm, £19.99; Wave cement pot grey taupe 20cm – Ivyline, £14.99; Vase terracotta 2col ass, £19.99

Contemporary Country

Dobbies’ Contemporary Country collection is country chic with a modern twist, and the new season plants work well to tie the theme together and bring the outside in. Claire said: “Contemporary Country spotlights the ever-changing greenery we see in nature, so for this collection we have focused on layering different textures and tones with plants that work well together to create a relaxed and rural feel, however you style them. The Calathea fusion limited edition is a stand-out from this range and boasts striking green leaves with contrasting white markings. Beautiful when styled on its own or with smaller plants, the Calathea fusion is well suited to bright spots out of direct sunlight and benefits from regular watering, so make sure the soil is kept moist to keep this gorgeous plant hydrated.”

Hedera green 13cm, £5.99, Calathea fusion limited edition 14cm, £59.99; Adiantum fragrens 13cm; £6.99, Stone pear (small); £18.99

Natural Zen

An organic, sophisticated blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design, Dobbies’ Natural Zen collection is well-suited to pared-back interiors, and the theme’s plants perfectly complement minimalistic décor. Claire said: “Natural Zen encompasses Dobbies’ take on the much-loved Japandi trend, and the new plants really help bring the elegant vision of this collection to life. The collection includes Bonsai trees, which have been popular for years thanks to the unique way they bring nature indoors and add dimension to a space. The Ficus ginseng in this collection will bring a sense of tranquillity to any home and is sure to be popular with those looking to add some sophisticated flair to their home.
“To care for the Ficus ginseng, make sure you place it in a bright position out of direct sunlight, and water regularly to ensure its roots don’t dry out. This plant thrives in a warm spot, so ensure you avoid draughty windowsills and instead place it in a cosy lounge.”

Ficus ginseng, £19.99; Ficus ginseng in rock pot 16cm, £24.99; Lisbon pot light grey 20.5cm – Ivyline, £14.99; Venice smartpot black, £44.99; Windlight ajala from £29.99

Slow Living

Plants are known to reduce stress and create a calming atmosphere, which is exactly what Dobbies’ Slow Living collection aims to do. Claire said: “Muted tones and colours that change with the light are the inspiration for our Slow Living collection, so we brought in some soothing plants in varying shades that will soften interiors and bring a touch of relaxation to any home. Mixing Ficus lyrata, with its large glossy leaves, with Phlebodium davana (also known as the Blue Star Fern) with its powder green frills, these plants will evoke a sense of calm in your space, and work well with interiors year-round as well as throughout the summer months.”

Succulent mix 19cm, £19.99; Phlebodium davana 12cm, £8.99; Ficus lyatra 21cm, £39.99; Pisa reactive glaze planter glacier blue 16cm – Ivyline, £29.99; Pisa reactive glaze planter glacier blue 20cm – Ivyline, £39.99; Trivoli pot earth 18cm – Ivyline, £12.99; Lisbon pot teal 13.5cm – Ivyline, £5.99; Lisbon pot white 20.5cm – Ivyline, £14.99

To explore the full range of Dobbies’ new season houseplants, or to find your nearest store, visit

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