Households encouraging British wildlife in its gardens

One in three people are doing more to encourage British wildlife into their garden, research has found

Over recent years, more products aimed at the wild bird market have become available and as a result, 62 per cent of us now regularly leave snacks, such as seeds, out. Nearly a quarter of households also provide nesting and breeding spaces for birds.

Gardman, a major supplier to UK garden centres has seen a significant increase in the market, with a third of their total sales coming from wild bird care products alone. In a year the company has sold over 2.6 million bird feeders, 8.2 million packs of bird food and 37.4 million fat balls throughout the UK.

Jane Lawler, marketing director at Gardman, said, ‘Wild bird care sales have increased because of several factors. Last season’s intensely cold weather saw a sales uplift of 35 per cent, as people looked to feed and care for the birds in their garden during the harsher temperatures.’

As the colder weather draws upon us once again, households have been urged that, if they are not doing so already, to look after the wildlife of Britain.

Dr Jamie Robinson, from Peckish, said, ‘Days are getting shorter and the nights are colder, resulting in hard times ahead for garden birds. It is now the perfect time to start supplementary feeding the birds in your garden, if you are not already doing so.  Good quality high energy feeds are what birds need at this time of year.’


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