Home Improvement Ideas for This Spring

Spring is on our doorstep and there are a number of ways to welcome the new season and rejuvenate your home. Try these key home improvement ideas for this spring and see your interior transformed.

Add modern tiling

One of the easiest ways to instantly liven a room’s aesthetic is to add some modern tiling. Choose a motif or shape that is current yet classic, although be wary of choosing anything too garish, you don’t want it clashing with the rest of your décor.
Tiling is often associated with bathrooms and kitchens, however interior trends are moving towards tiles being incorporated into living rooms and even bedroom arrangements. Moroccan style tiles are currently popular, often seen adorning fireplaces and windowsills. Another emerging trend is to install porcelain tiles that are made to look like real wooden planks underfoot; these can be paired with under floor heating. This style is becoming increasingly common in living rooms and reception areas. Sometimes simply replacing old and worn tiles can enhance the general appearance of a room.
Vary your lighting

Winter often leaves us wanting to shut out the dark evenings and hibernate indoors. When spring comes around it brings with it the notion of new beginnings; suddenly many of us want to open up our homes and embrace the light. Refreshing your lighting scheme is an easy and cost efficient home improvement idea for this spring. It’s undeniable that lighting can drastically change the appearance and feel of a room.  To really take advantage of your space, first identify the room’s purpose. There are three forms of lighting: ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is designed for generally illuminating a room. Task lighting is used for aiding in specific tasks, for example an overhead low-hanging light positioned above an armchair is perfect for creating a reading nook. Accent lighting is mainly used to add drama to a room by creating visual interest, for example small spotlights illuminating a painting make it really stand out. One of the most important home improvement ideas to ensure your household feels balanced is to incorporate all forms of lighting; this will create an effortless flow of light from room to room.
Renew your worktops

One of the most used components of every home are worktops. There are a number of worktops throughout the home and these all experience a lot of everyday wear and tear. A dull and worn worktop can make an entire room seem unkempt, but luckily there is an easy solution. Replacing your worktops is a great home improvement idea to spruce up an overall space without having to completely redecorate.
Home improvement trends this season are leaning towards using more durable and substantial materials such as quartz. Quartz is recommended instead of granite as it is much easier to maintain and never needs sealing. The surface is scratch resistant and stain resistant, although trivets and chopping boards are always recommended to fully protect the natural stone surface. Old worktops can be over-clad with an 8mm quartz stone meaning your old worktops do not need to be removed. This will result in much less mess and your kitchen will only be out of use for one day.
Not only do stone finishes look more chic and modern but they also have the appeal of standing the test of time. Depending on which worktop you are replacing it’s usually advisable to steer clear of anything too light in colour. Spills and scratches are bound to happen but these may be harder to treat on a white surface, we say go for something dark or neutral instead.  
Switch your soft furnishings

Rather than redecorating your entire home, there is a simple way of giving your home an easy makeover without breaking the bank. A simple home improvement idea for this spring is to change up your soft furnishings. This may seem like an obvious suggestion but simply re-plumping your sofa and covering it with a soft new fabric can make all the difference. Even something as small as changing the curtain material can have a huge impact on a room.
To celebrate the new season try a spring-inspired colour or theme; dusky shades of blue and green are calming yet bright in appearance. If you really want to promote the feeling of springtime you could opt for a more botanical motif, green foliage and leaves to replace your old curtains or blinds. A fresh material or print would undoubtedly improve the appearance of your home with very little effort spent.
If you have enjoyed reading about home improvements for this spring then click here for tips on how to look after your wood furniture.
Our thanks to Improve Homes for their collaboration on this article. Improve Homes are a family-run business that specialise in a range of home enhancement services. They are dedicated to delivering premium quality tiling and worktop overlays and are also a fully registered gas fitting company, offering years of expertise on a range of gas and plumbing requirements. Visit their site here: improvehomes.co.uk

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