Heating Costs and the Benefits of Electric

We’re all worried about energy costs, but some of the conventional thinking on economy is changing due to advances in electric heating technology. The experts from Elnur explain

If I’m worried about the cost of heating, is electric a good option?
In some circumstances, electric heating is the preferable – or only – option. If you are currently using old manual storage heaters that are more than 10 years old, if you have oil and if you have access to dual tariff electricity, then a new high heat retention storage heater could save you money and reduce carbon in the environment. Contact one of our expert heating consultants to help you decide if electric is best for you, then #AskforElnur.

Is electric heating environmentally friendly?
Storage heaters of the 21st century are up to 30% more efficient when compared to old manual storage heaters. They can use renewable energy. So, if you were with an electricity company who produced their own electricity from solar or wind-farms, you could be using up to 100% green energy to heat your home. They are a significant part in the future of economical, eco-friendly heating.

What is the latest technology in electric heating?
The technological developments in electrical storage heating are exciting. At Elnur, we are proud to have manufactured the world’s first solar storage heater, which is capable of utilising excess solar power. The Ecombi Solar can take all that wasted solar power and store it as heat within the bricks for use later.

Will new storage heaters run out of charge in the evening?
The new generation of storage heaters, known as High Heat Retention Storage Heaters, greatly surpass the old manual storage heaters you may remember or still have in your home. They use a balancing element made of aluminium. Unlike out-of-date “boost” elements, these heaters can save a further 10% on energy usage and ensure you have stored heat available all day and all night. They have smart learning capabilities which allow them to learn exactly how much heat needs to be stored, and when to release the heat to ensure your room stays warm all day and evening.

How are high heat retention storage heaters different to old storage heaters?
The biggest difference you will find with high heat retention heaters, is they incorporate a lot more insulation. This reduces the amount of heat lost through the body, making them 30% more efficient when compared to old manual storage heaters. They also feature a low wattage fan to push the heat out, resulting in faster warm up times. Additionally, the heaters come with a built-in programmer and room learning capability, so they learn your heating habits ensuring maximum efficiency and reduced energy usage.

Are Elnur heating products compatible with ‘smart’ technology’?
We have a range of fully smart electric heating products, for example, our ECOSSH Smart Storage heater or our Designer Smart Ingenium electric radiator. Both are capable of being controlled from a smartphone or tablet using our app or via a web app from a computer or laptop, meaning you can adjust and monitor your heating 24/7, even when you aren’t at home.

Can electric heating boilers also supply hot water?
We have two electric boilers to choose from and choosing the right one is key. If you require hot water, then choose our MAC15 Electric Combi Boiler. The Combi boiler will do heating and hot water.

Our MAS15 electric boiler will only provide heat. You can contact one of our expert heating consultants to talk through the specifications and choose which one is best for you.

What choices does Elnur offer in radiator panels?
We manufacture and supply four ranges of electric radiators as well as one range of electric panel heaters. Featuring highly accurate thermostats for more comfort and better efficiency. They are available in oil filled or oil free to suit a large range of applications.

Are Elnur products compatible with solar panels?
Yes definitely! With our solar storage heater, you can make the most of your excess solar power and turn it into heat for later when you need it.

What warranty can I get on Elnur products?
Our warranties span up to 12 years across our ranges. However, all our storage heaters, electric radiators, boilers, and panel heaters come with a minimum of five years parts and labour.

  • Electric Radiators come with 5 years electronics and 10 years on the body.
  • Electric Boilers, Panel heaters and Smart Storage Heaters have full 5 years electronics, body and internals warranty.
  • High Heat Retention have 5 years on electronics and a 7 year conditional warranty totalling 12 years.
  • Towel Rails have 2 years on everything.

What is the story behind Elnur?
With over 40 years of experience and a range of innovative heating technology to choose from, Elnur manufactures and supplies the most efficient electric heating for your home. Our electric heating options are made to the government approved Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)* rating and provide you with up to 100% efficiency and a smaller carbon footprint. The lower your energy use, the more environmentally friendly your home is. #AskforElnur www.elnur.co.uk

Where do I find out more about Elnur?
You can find more about Elnur from our website www.elnur.co.uk and through our social channels. You can also speak to a Trustmark registered installer about what storage heating systems would be best for your property, and make sure they #AskforElnur.

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