Healthy Home, Healthy You: Why Bags are Best for Busy Homes

Finding the time to clean your home can be a struggle at the best of times, let alone when you’ve got small children.

You want a living space that’s clean, homely and, most importantly, hygienic, but there just never seem to be enough hours in the day. Being a parent means wanting the safest, happiest environment for your little ones to grow up in, and your vacuuming routine can really make a difference.  

By trapping dirt, dust and hair from around your home in a bag, the risk of that dramatic ‘dust cloud’ during disposal is massively reduced. Everything is kept neatly out of sight and you don’t need to worry about getting filthy while you get rid of all that mess. No bin to empty means less risk of the debris going back onto the surfaces of your home after you’ve just cleaned them, and less chance of you ending up with dirty hands!

Bagged vacuums tend to be a better choice for allergy sufferers, too. A lot of allergies relate to dust or particles of dirt floating around in our homes. By trapping everything in sealed bags within your vacuum, you can work towards reducing the allergens in your home. That means less coughing and sneezing for tiny tots with allergies—and less hand sanitiser use thanks to simple and hygienic disposal of the bags themselves.

Vacuum cleaners with bags are just as easy to use as ones without, if not more so. There seems to be a bit of a myth around bagged vacs being old fashioned, but they’re actually pretty forward thinking…

You don’t need to spend precious time emptying a bin (anyone need to use a kitchen knife to scrape their bin empty sometimes?!) or cleaning filters. With bagged vacuums, you simply throw the bag away without worrying about an internal bin, filter or cylinder to clean out. Bags provide a low maintenance cleaning solution that gives you more time to focus on what’s really important. Combine that with cordless convenience and you’re onto a winner!

There are many people who think that buying bags is a huge hassle—in fact, it can be done very easily. No more wandering around the supermarket wondering whether or not they’ll have your brand of vac bags—you can order in bulk online to ensure you’re always stocked up and ready for a hygienic cleaning session. Not that you’ll need that many bags, as, according to our testing at Gtech, homes with pets and children use just 10 bags a year*.

*As outlined in Gtech consumer product development testing, 2017.

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