Healthy Hobbies For Retirement

Once the last day of work comes around and the kids have flown the nest, you’ll finally have time to do the things you never got a chance to do before.

All those years of planning will finally have paid off. However, many retirees report feelings of boredom when they first begin their retirement, being unsure how to fill their days. The sudden realisation can dawn on some people: working took up a considerable amount of time and now this time must be filled with something else. A career usually provides a structure to the day—once that has gone some seniors can feel a little aimless. It can be very easy to fall into a routine of staying indoors or watching TV. However, neither of these options are very stimulating, nor do they improve one’s sense of wellbeing.

Fill your time with a new hobby or skill instead. You may be surprised to realise how refreshing and invigorating this can be. Healthy hobbies for retirement may not seem obvious or accessible, but we are here to prove otherwise. Check out these healthy hobbies for a happy and fulfilled retirement that is suitable for seniors who want to stay active and mentally stimulated.

Green fingers

There’s something extremely satisfying about nurturing a plant and watching it grow. Much like the upbringing of children, seeing our hard work develop into something strong and beautiful fills us with a huge sense of achievement. Gardening is great for a number of reasons: it is an active pastime that involves laborious tasks and it requires studious knowledge on the subject. Reading up on suitable plants and their needs is all part of the package. Try starting your own vegetable patch, it will quite literally allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

One foot in front of the other

Hiking is a particularly popular hobby—and for good reason. It combines the aerobic nature of jogging, while allowing you to go at your own pace and take in the spectacular views nearby. A large proportion of retirees can get stuck with being housebound. Actively seeking out nature and enjoying the fresh air can do us the world of good. Try some easy walks at first and build up to more challenging climbs.

Give something back

Entering into retirement can lead to some moments of self-evaluation. Many seniors start to question their purpose in life. If you feel that you want to give something back to your community, volunteering could be the answer. This may involve working in a local homeless shelter or a primary school, or even donating some time to a medical centre. Regardless, donating your time can be extremely fulfilling for you and helpful for the services that receive your aid.

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Put pen to paper

Writing is another one of the popular healthy hobbies for retirement. Whether you do it to simply relieve stress or write a full-blown novel, jotting your ideas on paper is a great pastime. Having more time to muse and ponder can get the creative juices flowing. Writing short stories or even a diary can help to keep the brain’s processing active. It could even serve as a nice gift to pass down to the family, something for grandchildren to read when they are grown.

Food for the soul

Good food has the ability to bring people together—whether it is family, friends or even strangers. Now you have some more time on your hands, you have a great opportunity to brush up on your cooking skills. While cooking and baking is known to be very therapeutic, it also maintains coordination and concepts of timing. Likewise, the cultivation of this practice can increase knowledge on portion size and nutritional values.

Learn a language

We should all aim to keep pushing our mental abilities, even into our retirement years. Retirement presents the opportunity to attempt healthy hobbies that would otherwise be unachievable or difficult due to lack of spare time. One such hobby is the learning of a new language. Whether you decide on night classes, a personal tutor or the use of a handy app, learning a new language is a wonderful option.

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Healthy Hobbies For Retirement

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