Healthy alternative remedies

Healthy alternative remedies: nature’s way is be the best way – Dr Hilary Jones offers alternative remedies for a range of common ailments

Not everyone wants to rely on powerful pharmaceutical preparations to treat their ailments – especially when they aren’t of a serious nature. I recommend everyone take the ‘naturopath’ once in a while, and here are some effective natural remedies for common complaints that could help you get back on track without needing to book that doctor’s appointment…

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Natural ginger root is a great anti-nausea remedy for morning sickness of pregnancy, tummy upsets and motion sickness.  It’s great in a night-time ‘grog’ when you have a cold, too.

Marigold cream
Sworn by herbalists to be a good way to accelerate healing after cuts and grazes.

It’s a natural antiseptic, a possible antidote to mild hayfever (if it’s locally and organically obtained), and an effective soother of sore-throats.

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Bergamet Plus

These tablets, containing an extract of citrus bergamot oranges from the Calabrian area of Italy, together with olive leaf extract, have a significant cholesterol-lowering effect nearly as powerful as that promoted by statin medication but without the side-effects.

Eucalyptus oil
A few drops of this in a bowl of recently boiled water will give off a steam that loosens sticky mucus in your nose or chest and helps get rid of it.  Good for hoarseness and dry coughs too and just as effective as cough syrups without any drowsy-making side-effects.

A useful herb for the treatment of headaches, stress, tension, insomnia and restlessness in children.  It also makes a handy compress for sore eyes.

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This is a tangy and pleasant antidote for indigestion, wind, colds, cramps and blocked noses.

Arnica cream 
You simply apply this to bruises, sprains and aching muscles.

St John’s Wort
A great treatment for mild depression or water blues and its tincture may speed up the healing of cold sores.

Aloe Vera juice
This is soothing for sunburn, burns or infected rashes, when applied to the skin.

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